How to Dress for Your Family Reunion

How to Dress for Your Family Reunion

When you were growing up, it was easy to see your family every day. However, when you get older, move, and start your own family, gatherings can become more infrequent. This is why planning and intentional family reunions every so often can be a great way to reconnect. A family reunion gives everybody a chance to meet when they may have alternative holiday plans as well.

This is a wonderful time to relax, catch up on everybody's lives, and gather at a convenient location such as an all-inclusive resort or large vacation home with plenty of amenities like outdoor furniture and activities. But after the big details are sorted out, there are still outfits to plan. How should you dress for your family reunions so you can pack efficiently for your trip? This quick guide will show you how to dress right for the occasion.

For Outdoor Summer Picnic Reunions

When you have a lot of family members, it's most convenient to gather outdoors at a venue that can handle a lot of guests. Park pavilions make it convenient for people to show up casually and come and go as they please. It also gives families room to roam, providing an easy-going atmosphere for everybody to mingle and reconnect.

The food can be simple and affordable, too—all you need are some hot dogs, burgers, buns, and some store-bought side dishes. If you have family members sign up and contribute, this can make the gathering set on autopilot. All they need to do is load up their contributions in their canvas tote bags.

For these kinds of gatherings, you can wear whatever summer outfit you need to stay cool. Whether it is a swimsuit if you have pool access, a cotton dress, or active shirts with shorts to keep you feeling cool. The key here is comfort and function, so do whatever you need to do to feel and look your best at the same time.

For Reunions at Restaurants

If your family reunion is going to be at a private restaurant room or a conference room at a hotel, then you need to step up your formality a notch. Any of our special occasion dresses or men’s dress pants with button-down shirts would be appropriate for this kind of event.

By dressing well for a restaurant reservation, you show respect for whoever did the planning. Plus, it's a fun opportunity to dress up and look your best.

Polish off your outfit with beautiful accessories like earrings, necklaces, and a dressy handbag. These can either be the same color as your outfit or provide accent pop colors to make your outfit playful and more interesting. There is truly no right or wrong answer to how you want to dress as long as you look neat and put together.

Upscale outfits should be matched with clean shoes such as pumps, loafers, or dressy sandals that will complete the look. By paying attention to all the details, you will leave a stylish impression from head to toe.

For Destination Family Reunions

So your family decided to go big this year. They are booking a hotel block at an all-inclusive resort, and you need to get your passports ready and book your flight. This is going to be an incredible adventure, and only the best combination of outfits will keep you going for the whole ride. Be prepared for a variety of events that will demand different types of clothing, such as:

Activewear for hikes, trails, and casual outdoor exploration. These outfits are also ideal for urban exploration in hot climates.

Sneakers to match your active outfits and give you proper footwear for any gym breaks you take at the hotel.

Casual and semi-formal dresses or pantsuits for an upscale dinner out with the family.

Swimsuits and sandals for hotel pools or lounging by the beach (if your destination includes a lake or shoreside).

A couple of dressy shoe options to match different dresses and jumpsuits that you pack for events that you want to look extra special for, such as a wine tasting.

Casual shorts, capri pants, and t-shirts that you can mix and match to create comfortable outfits that blend in a variety of scenes—from shopping to lounging in the resort lobby with your aunts and uncles.

With a combination of clothing options, you can always dress appropriately for the next activity without worrying about having the right outfit or footwear.

When you know what to expect at your family reunion, it's easy to dress appropriately for the event. Whether you plan to stay casual when active or dress up at a more formal restaurant with your family, you can be 100% prepared with a little planning.


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