How to Dress for the Office During the Summer

How to Dress for the Office During the Summer

When the temperatures rise outdoors, it can be tricky to dress comfortably for an indoor office job. How do you keep cool when you're outside but then also adjust to an air-conditioned environment? Going from humid and hot weather to a chilly office can be complicated when you want to look neat and professional. But with the right layering techniques and materials, you can dress well and feel comfortable all season long. By integrating some key items with your warm-weather office staples, you can create versatile outfits that will retain your professional image regardless of the season. This quick guide will show you how to dress for the office during the summer.

Cotton Blends

In the summer, lightweight materials like cotton are excellent for keeping cool outdoors and being comfortable inside. For an easy professional look, have a few cotton dresses in your closet. Not only can you get dressed in a snap, but you can match plenty of layering items with a cotton dress to stay comfortable in the office. For instance, you can put on one of your favorite cotton cardigans that match your dress to give you sleeves on demand. You never know who's going to be in control of the thermostats, so it's important to be prepared for any change in the office’s temperature. It may also be wise to keep a couple of cardigans in different types of materials in your drawer so that you can retrieve them as needed.

Tip: To spice up a basic black work dress, wear a colorful cardigan with attractive patterns like polka dots or flowers. This will switch up your look when you want a change of pace.

Breezy Capris

Office attire can be tricky in the summer because you want to stay cool but also look modest and professional. When shorts are out of the question, capri pants are the next best thing. Capri pants offer plenty of advantages in professional summer wardrobes. Not only do they give your calves and ankles some breathing room, but you can show off all your favorite summer shoes like high heels, sandals, and much more.

For the best comfort, choose capri pants in breathable materials like cotton blends. These will wick away moisture and keep you feeling cool even if you need to take a walk to your favorite lunch spot. Capris can be dressed up or down, making them a versatile piece that you can wear at work and home. When you're at the office, match them with a lovely patterned blouse and some accessories. Then, when it’s time to unwind, throw on a cozy hoodie or a basic T-shirt.

Blouse and Midi Skirt

A skirt and top is a winning classic office attire combination. And best of all, it's easiest to wear in the summer when the temperatures are high in the morning and even in the evening. This means that you won't be chilly in a skirt and top. For the most professional image, choose a skirt that hits just above the knees or below. This makes a midi skirt one of the best choices for summer because it offers enough coverage for the office yet enough room to breathe during hot seasons. Midi skirts fall at just an inch below the knees so they give you some room to breathe without violating any office dress codes. They can be worn comfortably with a variety of tops beyond blouses, too, such as a comfy T-shirt and blazer.

Jeans and a Professional Top

Jeans are excellent staples for casual Friday, and when you pick the right materials, you can wear them throughout the summer, too. The key is to keep them in a dark wash so that you can create a professional silhouette and match them with your blouses and button-down shirts. Also, you don't want to choose heavy denim for your jeans in the summer, instead, you want to choose a lightweight material. This makes the best skinny jeans because they tend to be thinner and more stretchy than traditional heavyweight denim.

Anything too thick is going to weigh you down and make you feel hot, so be strategic with your jeans' material and they will pay off with plenty of styling options. The best part about jeans is that they can be worn beyond the office, whether you want to go to an outdoor game or a street festival. They are also easily dressed up and down depending on your mood—offering you a lot of bang for your buck.

These office summer outfit ideas are sure to keep you stylish and cool all season long. Which ones do you want to try today?


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