How To Dress for an Outdoor Sports Event in the Winter

How To Dress for an Outdoor Sports Event in the Winter

Staying warm throughout the winter can be a challenge—how often have you gone outside just to learn your winter hat isn’t as warm as you thought or your winter jacket is pretty breezy? Knowing how to dress is important when you know you’ll be outside for a while on a winter day.

Here’s how to dress for an outdoor sports event in the winter.

Layer Up

Layering is the key to ensuring you’re warm enough when spending a large amount of time outdoors during the winter—just like at an outdoor sports event. You won’t have very many chances to warm up, so it’s important to layer your clothes so you stay cozy and warm throughout the game. First, start with some women’s long underwear to ensure you’re as warm as can be. Long underwear helps trap your body heat and wicks away sweat to keep you warm. You can even wear a pair of leggings underneath your jeans to add another layer of warmth to your legs.

Next, layer a long-sleeved t-shirt on top of your long underwear to give yourself another layer. The next layer should be something warming, whether it's your women’s fleece jacket or a cashmere turtleneck. Lastly, get one of your down jackets (preferably a long jacket) for your final and most protective layer.

Add Winter Accessories

Protecting your body from the cold weather, snow, and freezing rain is an important piece of the puzzle, but there’s still more to do to stay warm outside. For some added protection, wear some winter gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm throughout the sports game. Additionally, wear a warm wool hat and a big scarf to keep yourself cozied up. These little accessories can go a long way in keeping you toasty, warm, and comfortable to enjoy your outdoor winter game.

Get Hand Warmers

You can buy hand warmers at most big-box stores and even some pharmacies, and they’re perfect for putting inside your gloves or mittens to keep your hands toasty warm on a cold day. You can also put warmers in your shoes or socks to keep your feet warm. And, if you give them out to those around you at the winter sports event, you’re sure to be everyone’s favorite fan in no time.

Wear Warm Socks

If your feet get cold, there’s no going back—there’s nothing worse than cold toes when you’re outside on a blustery winter day. To keep this from happening, make sure you choose your socks wisely. You’ll want a pair designed to be warm, so check out fabrics like merino wool or alpaca wool.

If you don’t have wool socks, layer your socks too, so your feet stay warm. Try two, or even three, pairs of socks if you’re planning to wear cotton socks to the game. Lastly, you don’t want to show up with ankle socks, either be sure to wear taller socks to keep your ankles warm, too.

Choose Your Footwear Wisely

You don’t want to be caught at an outdoor sports game in a pair of ballet flats or fashion sneakers, your feet will get cold as soon as you step outside. Instead, wear a pair of women’s duck boots or snow boots to keep your feet warm from the beginning of the tailgate through to the end of the game.

Encourage anyone you are going with—a husband, wife, friend, or kids—to wear boots to the game, too. They certainly won’t regret wearing them, but they will regret not wearing boots.

Cheer On Your Team!

Just because you're layered up for the outdoor game doesn’t mean you have to tone down your team spirit. If you can, get winter accessories in the team’s colors, or, better yet, stop by the stadium store to load up on extra hats and scarves. You can also wear jackets and sweaters in the team colors or even find a pair of sunglasses that can work as a sports game accessory. There are many ways to wear warm clothes that also show your team spirit.

Staying warm at an outdoor sports event in the winter can be done. It takes some careful planning and lots of high-quality winter clothes that do their job of keeping you warm. When in doubt, bring extra layers and always go for the warmest items in your closet: remember that the day gets colder as the time grows closer to sunset. So layer up and enjoy your game!


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