How to Dream of Autumn in Fall PJs

How to Dream of Autumn in Fall PJs

Is there anything cozier than fall PJs? Just when the air gets crisp, a pair of comfy, cozy pajamas hits the spot. Let’s look at how to dream of autumn in fall PJs.

Fall Into Your Favorite Sports

One of the best parts of autumn is your favorite sports. Of course, you can enjoy them in person by participating or cheering on your favorite team, but you can also cozy up in a pair of flannel pajamas and your favorite slippers and enjoy them on your TV in the comfort of your home while the wind howls outside.

Whether you like football, basketball, or another fun cold-weather sport, why not make a game out of seeing how many games you can watch from your favorite teams? If you love your alma mater or local team, get their schedule and make sure it is on your calendar. Hosting a watch party with family and friends can also be great fun. If you have family or friends far away, you may even be able to do this with a bit of planning by watching the same channel at the same time. Some channels also allow for chat features, or you could set up a separate video meeting so you can see everyone’s face during the game.

Fall Into a Movie

Speaking of watch parties, why not plan a pajama day for the whole family with a favorite movie as the centerpiece? Everyone can wear their favorite fall PJs or even matching Christmas pajamas to be cozy and make it fun for all ages.

A movie at home can also be a great date night for you and your partner. Choose an old favorite you know you will both love or even a newer film you are both interested in watching. Fall can be a great time to find new movies, as many are released in advance of awards season. Put on your favorite jammies, make a big bowl of popcorn to share, and enjoy some time with just the two of you.

Fall Into a Book

Is there anything more luxurious than slipping into your favorite women’s loungewear and curling up with a good book? If you’re a bibliophile, chances are you have a nice long “to read” list. If it’s been a while since you have read a book cover to cover, treat yourself. Who are your favorite authors? Is there a book that more than one person has recommended to you? Many of us like the feeling of reading a traditional book, but e-books can also be great. You can buy and download them almost instantly, so you don’t even need to purchase or order them in advance.

Fall can also be a great time to join a book club. Ask around or check online. There are probably some fun book clubs in your area. As the weather gets crisper and cooler, the appeal of reading a good book and then getting together with friends over coffee or at a bookstore or library to discuss it is delightful. Reading is almost its own cold-weather sport.

Fall Into Planning

Fall is the perfect time for planning. Whether you are getting the school year calendar organized, getting ready for holiday shopping, or dreaming of what you would like to plant in your garden next spring, take advantage of this season for reflection and preparation. Grab your favorite flannel robe, a cup of tea, and your calendar and get going on bringing those wonderful tomorrows into today.

Another fun planning activity for fall is planning vacations. Whether you start jotting down bucket list destinations or mapping out a specific near-term vacation, fall is the perfect time to get going on those winter, spring, and summer vacations in your future. Planning a vacation can be half the fun.

Fall Into the Best Sleep Ever

Treating yourself to a new pair of fall PJs will help you to get the best sleep ever. Flannel is a favorite, but fleece pajamas are also wonderfully cozy.

When shopping for new pajamas, start with your current measurements. Even if you think you know your current size, this is a wise idea. When in doubt, check the size chart and try them on. You’ll want your fall pajamas to fit loosely but not be baggy or have legs or sleeves that are too long to be comfortable. The right pajamas are the ones that are most comfy for you. Fabrics that breathe (like cotton flannel and fleece) are great for hot sleepers. Also, think about what sheets and blankets you currently use. Is an upgrade in order? Flannel pajamas with flannel sheets are a wonderful combination.

Take advantage of the crisp, cool autumn air to stay cozy in your fall pajamas. You deserve it!


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