How to Decorate Your Home for Valentine’s Day

How to Decorate Your Home for Valentine’s Day

Are you into kitschy décor? Or do you like to keep things classy and timeless? Whatever your style, from farmhouse to romantic, there are certain steps you’d want to take when decorating your home for Valentine’s Day. Certain things scream “Valentine’s Day,” such as heart-shaped items or the color red. No matter your style, use our tips to ready your home for the day of love.

Determine Your Style

Before picking out your décor, figure out your style. If you’re more into a timeless look, there are certain items you might want to avoid, such as a Valentine’s Day tree (yes, this is a thing). If you love to mix things up, you might go for mostly black and white décor, such as a checkered heart. For cozy chic, decorative accents, fleece blankets, will do. Figure out what style makes your heart sing, and then you’ll be ready to shop and decorate.

But Still Add in Some Red

What’s Valentine’s Day without red? Red on February 14 is just as natural as American flags on July 4. You don’t have to go crazy adding red décor to your home. If your color palette consists of other colors, you can sprinkle in a few red items here and there. Red can help offset backdrops of white, pastels, or black and white. For accents, how about red roses? Or maybe red candy dishes?

Accent with Heart-Shaped Items

Pick a few heart-shaped items to tastefully place around your home. You can tie heart-shaped balloons on your stairwell. Or you can use a heart-shaped candle as a statement piece for your dining table. In the kitchen, hang decorative hand towels with hearts. If you love hearts, have fun placing them everywhere. However, you don’t have to overdo it if you can still get your message of love across.

Decorate with Flowers

Flowers have a way of making a home more beautiful—any time of the year. It’s common to receive a bouquet for Valentine’s Day. But before February 14 arrives, set your table with flowers. You can pick out a healthy mix of colors—pink, white, and red. You can try out uncommon shades, such as lavender or orange. Or you can stick to one color—red roses are commonly associated with Valentine’s Day. Another way to insert flowers into your décor is by creating—or buying—a floral wreath. Wreaths are mostly associated with the holiday season in December. However, why not a Valentine’s Day wreath? You can accent this wreath with other items, such as a satin bow. You don’t even have to use real flowers if you are concerned about longevity.

Design a Unique Garland or Banner

Here’s a craft idea to do with kids! Get your kiddos in on all the Valentine’s Day fun by having them help you create a V-Day garland or banner. The garland can consist of hearts and pom-poms. A banner can feature messages of love, such as “Be My Valentine.” Whatever direction you decide to take, figure out the best place to hang your creation once it’s complete, such as the fireplace mantel or stairwell.

Update Your Pillows

Time to get cozy for Valentine’s Day—slippers and all! Update your living or family room with new throw pillows. You’d be surprised at the sheer number of options you have—covers featuring hearts, bold messages of love, and more.

Hang Wall Art

Wall art is a way to insert messages of love throughout your home. You don’t have to go big when selecting options. Pick out a few small signs to hang here and there. You probably could create the signs yourself, but plenty of retailers sell affordable signs. Another option is vinyl art you can easily stick to your wall and remove once the day is over.

Consider Photos

Do you have photos of your love that you look at to cheer yourself up on bad days? Perhaps you have a range of memorable photos taken during significant events, such as on your wedding day or first anniversary. Pick out some of your favorite pictures, hang them up, or place them on the fireplace or table. Pictures can help tie everything together and show why you’re really celebrating the holiday.

Set the Scene

Light some candles! Play some music! Once the day arrives, make your scene come to life. Think of ways to arouse senses beyond sight—such as through smell. Not only do candles smell wonderful, but they can help one relax—especially if you’ll be celebrating after a long day of work.

Set the Table

So, the day has arrived. It’s Valentine’s Day. You may be celebrating the weekend before or after if the holiday falls during the busy workweek. Or perhaps you’ve cleared your schedule and decided to celebrate anyway on a weekday. Whatever’s the case, if you’re dining at home, set the table to match your Valentine’s Day décor. Setting the table will make that night even more special.

Think of other ways you can make your V-Day special. Pick out a chic little black dress or whatever suits you. Maybe you’ll enjoy a cozy Valentine’s Day inside. Have someone watch the kiddos, sit back, and relax with your special someone in a comfy robe or flannel pajamas. No matter how you celebrate, make it a day to remember!


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