How to Decorate Your Home for Spring

How to Decorate Your Home for Spring

If you're looking for new ways to get into the “spring spirit” this year, there are lots of options to welcome the warmer weather. As the world thaws out from the winter months and the first sunny days of spring are near, why not refresh your indoor spaces with that same springtime cheer? Here’s a look at a few ways that you can refresh and warm up your home with some spring decor this season.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and this time of year is the perfect opportunity to get clean, get creative, and get organized in your home. A thorough clean and decluttering of your home can give you a sense of renewal and help set your intentions for both your indoor space and yourself for the year. Spring cleaning also provides a clean slate for you to incorporate new decorations and designs into your style. Creating new spaces for you or your family to enjoy (a revamped reading nook or a new display of art, perhaps) can bring that refreshing feeling of spring right into your home. If you do a lot of work from home, decluttering your office space and having a clear desk can help you to relax your mind and get started on a year of new projects. Go ahead and grab those cleaning supplies, donate those old coffee table coasters, and start going through those bookshelves and dresser drawers to start new this spring.

The Colors of Spring

Once your home is feeling fresh and reorganized, you can make your living space come to life by filling it with some springtime bursts of color! Pastel colors can give your home a warm, welcoming energy this spring and easily complement the decorations you might already have. An elegant sage green or pretty pastel pink can help breathe some life and new energy into your space, especially when paired with some warm woods or other neutrals and earth tones. Adding some vibrant hand towels and bath mats in your space can make it feel brand new and might even motivate you to stick around and try some new recipes this season. Some new yellow curtains will help bring that radiant warmth of spring sunshine into your home. Some new decorative pillows or throw blankets in the living room or bedrooms can create a cozy, comfortable, and colorful energy in your space and can be easily swapped out throughout the year with the changing of the seasons.

Although you may have just taken down those Christmas decorations not too long ago, plants are one piece of decor that can stick around all year! A spring wreath can be a gorgeous addition to the entrance of your home. Using warm and vibrant-colored flowers and delicate greenery to hang on your doorway can give guests a burst of springtime before they even step through the door.

Wake Up and Smell the Roses

Make your home bloom with florals this spring season by incorporating flowers into your decorative style. Whether you decide on some floral patterns for that new rug or table runner, or on a new elegant vase with some fresh cut flowers, boasting those spring blossoms around the home can really invigorate your household. Flowers are also great for accenting the decorations you might already have; some beautiful and fragrant flowers may be what’s missing on that kitchen counter or dining room table to really bring in the spring air to your daily routine. When looking for vases, think again to those pastel hues; your colorful flowers need something just as charming to complement them in their display. Add some cute new floral decorative hand towels to your bathroom or kitchen to bring spring in.

Embrace Your Inner “Plant Parent”

If you’ve been contemplating whether to test the waters of that houseplant craze that’s been circulating the internet in recent months, now is your time to tap into that hidden green thumb of yours and embrace your inner “plant parent.” As the earth outside blooms with new life and regrowth, it’s important to remember that you can bring some of those natural elements into your own indoor spaces. Flowers are a fantastic way to bring some pops of color and pieces of nature into the home, but houseplants can also make an excellent addition to your interior decorations.

New plants can provide a refreshing and more down-to-earth vibe to your living space, and with so many varieties of plants to choose from, you can have them in all rooms of your home if you please. Not all plants need constant sunlight, although smaller plants such as succulents can make a beautiful and natural display along windowsills and in those rooms with a lot of natural lighting. There are also dozens of designs you could choose from when deciding what kind of pots your new additions to the family will grow in. Will that sweetheart plant look better in a lovely lavender-colored pot? Or perhaps a do-it-yourself-painted terracotta planter might better suit your decorative needs? You can grow your living space into something new and beautiful by incorporating houseplants that do just the same all on their own.

Grab some new seagrass baskets to help you organize, purge what no longer brings you joy, and fill your space with lively colors and plants to bring light and love into your space this spring.


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