How to Cuff Your Jeans the Right Way

How to Cuff Your Jeans the Right Way

Cuffing women's jeans adds a polished look to any outfit. Not only can it give your denim a different look, it’s also a good way to show off your footwear. There’s more than one way to cuff your jeans, so read on to learn the different techniques.

Best Jeans for Cuffing

Not all women's jeans are equal when it comes to cuffing — some styles work better than others. For example, you probably won’t want to cuff a pair of bootcut jeans because of the flare at the bottom. Straight-leg and skinny jeans are good styles to cuff, especially if you choose denim with a hint of stretch.

Cotton jeans enhanced with Spandex and/or Elasterell are perfect cuffing candidates. You’ll find plenty of stretch denim styles to choose from, some of which have compression panels to enhance your figure and provide a streamlined look. Now that you know what kind of jeans work best with cuffs, let’s take a look at some of the different cuff styles.

The Roll-Up

This cuff style is the simplest to achieve, and it works with most any outfit. Simply roll your jean cuffs up about one inch. You can leave the ends unfolded or fold them over for a more finished look. Wear this cuff style with skinny jeans and sneakers or flats or go for a date-night-ready style with high heels. If you’re wondering what kind of top to wear, tunics always pair well with skinny jeans or jeggings.

Tunics come in all kinds of styles, colors, and prints. There are classic crewneck tunics and those with scoop and V-necks. For fall and winter wear, look for a tunic top with a turtleneck or cowl neck. This type of top can be layered over lighter tops, such as those made from Supima cotton or a cotton/modal fabric blend.

The Double Roll-Up

Another option is the double-rolled cuff. It’s exactly what it sounds like — instead of folding your jeans up once, do it twice. This style is an excellent choice if you’re tall or are wearing high-top sneakers, although it can work for all heights and types of shoes. This cuff style is good to wear with skinny and straight leg jeans in high-rise and mid-rise styles. For a laid-back look, wear double-rolled jeans with oversized sweatshirts or sweaters and athletic shoes.

The athleisure look is one that you can wear at home when running errands or heading out for a casual weekend. If you need casual outerwear to add a layer of warmth to your outfit, slip into a plush fleece jacket in a color that complements the rest of what you’re wearing.

The Calf-High Cuff

Turn your jeans into capris by cuffing them then sliding them up your calf for a cropped look. As with the other cuff styles, this one works with stretchy jeans such as skinny jeans or straight leg jeans with stretch. You can even try this style with jeggings, which are soft like leggings but have the structure of jeans. A roomy tee is a perfect accompaniment to this pant style, or you can wear a billowy tunic or even your favorite hoodie.

Jeggings don’t have to be cuffed, especially if you choose a pair that hits right at the ankle or calf. Capri pants are another type of stretchy pant that doesn’t require cuffing unless that’s the look you prefer.

The ’90s Cuff

Go for retro-inspired style with this cuff style, which was on-trend in the ’90s and once again today. To achieve this type of cuff — which is also sometimes called the pinroll — pull the denim away from your leg and fold it over towards the back of your leg. You can also fold it to the front depending on your preference. Then, fold it up twice to make a pleat in the cuff. Wear this cuff look with a fitted tee underneath a flannel shirt and boots or sneakers. Or you can pair this cuff style with women's tunic sweaters and flats or heels for a look that’s not too casual or too dressy.

There are lots of ways to style a ’90s-inspired outfit, such as with bold statement accessories. Choker necklaces and oversized earrings are two trendy pieces that fit into this fashion style.

The Tailored Cuff

If you want perfectly sewn cuffs, you can order pants from Lands’ End and specify that you want them hemmed to a certain length. You’ll need to allow two inches of fabric to accommodate the expertly tailored cuffs, which are available on most types of jeans, pants, and slacks. If you don’t specify a cuff or hem length when ordering these bottom styles, they will be shipped to you unfinished so you can cuff them yourself.

Cuffing your jeans isn’t a requirement, but it can add casual style to your look. Experiment with the different cuff styles to find the ones that look best with your jeans and shoes.


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