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How to Create Seasonal Wardrobe Capsules for Your Kids

A capsule wardrobe is made up of a group of clothes you can mix and match in multiple combinations. Quite a few benefits exist to creating seasonal wardrobe capsules for your kids. First off, you will have less stress in the morning trying to come up with outfits for your kids to wear. Who wouldn’t want a less chaotic morning when dressing the kids for school? Also, you will have a less cluttered home. Finally, capsule outfits will help you stick to a budget. Read on to learn how you can create seasonal wardrobe capsules for your kids and simplify life for everyone.

List the Items You Want in the Capsules

First, make a list of how many articles of clothing you need per category. Think about how many tops, bottoms, etc. you need based on the season. For example, you may want to allow for extra layers for winter or add swimsuits for summer. Make sure you have your kids’ right sizes, too, if you plan on purchasing additional pieces (more on that later).

Focus on a Theme or Color Palette

Next, decide on a theme or color palette to build each wardrobe around. For example, does your young daughter love tunics? Try to select bottoms, accessories, outerwear, and other items of clothing that pair well with girls’ tunics. If your boy loves his slim jeans, again, aim to find items that can easily match them. Focus on color or tones (think bright or neutral colors, pastels, or shades of blue). No matter what, keep your kids’ tastes, personality, and style in mind.

Do a Wardrobe Audit

After determining how many clothing items you want in your capsules and a theme or color palette to focus on, do a wardrobe audit. Go through your kids’ closets to determine what fits your requirements—and what does not. Also, if your kids rarely wear items, try to get rid of those items too. Create piles to determine what to do with the clothing: donate, give away to friends and family, throw away (if items are no longer wearable for anyone), and keep. Creating piles will help you easily sort through and organize all the apparel.

Purchase Additional Clothing Items

Once you and your kids have determined what clothing items to keep, you may have to do some shopping to fill in the gaps. For example, if you are short on bottoms (perhaps your kids’ jeans or pants no longer fit), you’ll need to fill in the gaps to make the wardrobe capsule work. Search for new items anywhere that’s convenient for you—department stores, second-hand stores, online retailers, and more! Add at least one item your child would absolutely adore to round out their closet (like a statement piece or graphic T-shirts featuring their favorite cartoon. Make sure your kids will feel overall confident wearing clothes that they love.

What to Look Out for When Shopping

If you need additional items to add to your kids’ wardrobe, look for certain features. Focus on quality now that you are not worried about quantity. Also, consider the season. Seasonal wardrobes mean that once the weather shifts, it will be time to switch to another wardrobe capsule that fits the change of season. Take advantage of sales and plan ahead for future capsules.


Quality is key when creating seasonal wardrobe capsules. You want items that your kids can wear for a long time (and pass on to their siblings or other kids once they grow out of them). Certain fabric types can withstand the test of time, such as leather, linen, organic cotton, and wool. The brand and manufacturer may also determine the lifespan of clothing items; however, if you know how to properly take care of your kids’ clothes, you can extend their life. Find quality clothes that fit your budget.


Kids love to be comfortable! They spend a lot of time at school and hanging out with friends, so comfort is key when purchasing new clothing items. Organic cotton and wool are two comfortable materials. Also, check reviews and listen to your kids. Honest comments made online and by your children will let you know what works for them—and what does not.


Finally, versatility is vital when shopping for new clothing items. The core purpose of wardrobe capsules is to ensure that the various clothing items can match with one another. If you can, also consider pieces that can transition into other seasons. For example, kids’ leggings and jeans work well for almost every season. Easy-to-layer pieces, such as graphic T-shirts and button-down shirts, also fit into multiple seasonal wardrobe capsules.

The benefits of wardrobe capsules are evident. Not only will you and your kids save time getting ready in the morning, but overall, you can maintain your budget. Though wardrobe capsules will help you focus only on what you need, remember that kids love to show off their personality. Therefore, make sure to include fun accessories and backpacks that fit into the wardrobe capsules. Finish off with matching shoes. Make sure to have a pair they can wear anywhere, as well as footwear for dressier occasions. By building effective seasonal wardrobes for your kids, you will make life easier for everyone!


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