How to create a new holiday tradition

How to create a new holiday tradition

Many of our favorite new holiday traditions are accidental, become endearing, and stick around like inside jokes. That apple in the stocking? A lightweight prank. The giant box with a teeny-tiny present inside? Classic. Pretending your nephew's snake went missing at the family party? Not funny the first time.

Avoid doing that again.

It's all fun and games that make a tradition an annual celebration with friends and family. Here are five festive first-year traditions that you can give a go!

Meet the sweaters

Tell every person to wear matching cotton Christmas sweaters. A quick side note: this will either be a bit worrisome or very fun. Convince your cousin to "forget to tell" his fiancée. It'll be a strange moment as she walks in wondering if she misread an email invite, but later when you gift her the same family sweater, she'll feel like she's been welcomed right on in. Bonus: If somebody forgets the dress code, they're out! Not really, but maybe they have to sing a song alone in front of the whole family.

Stocked up for someone else

Use your monogrammed needlepoint stockings as a lesson in giving. Every year each family member fills (or overfills) their stocking with gifts to donate to a local shelter or charity. Gift idea: a new pair of slippers.

Crack the code

Ask the whiz kids in the family if they can figure out how to change the Turing-proof WiFi password into something more suitable like h0l!d@y$2018. Whoever cracks the code wins a pair of Christmas matching pajamas. Each year you can change the password. Keep your internet protected with the kindness of family.

That's a wrap!

Make a wrapping paper with all your previous holiday photos. It's a great excuse to get crafty and it puts to use all those photos you always forget to post online. If somebody suspects they were left out, just point out the fact that they tore off the photo they were in. "No, I remember that cashmere sweater, it was in there, I'm sure!" It's a good save.

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