How to Create a Cozy Cottagecore Vibe in Your Home this Winter

How to Create a Cozy Cottagecore Vibe in Your Home this Winter

Cottagecore is the perfect look for winter! Its easy elements, cozy textures, and natural materials will make your home a winter haven. Let’s look at how to create a cozy cottagecore vibe in your home this winter.

Nurturing Neutrals

Cottagecore is all about comfort and giving your home a high-quality, homespun vibe. An easy way to do this is to add neutral colors, such as knitted or throw blankets in rich cream or chocolate colors. Neutral colors have a natural grounding effect to them which will help to give your home a warm and welcoming vibe.

Neutrals are a great look for upholstered furniture. Not only do they give you a cozy cottagecore vibe to your home, but they also create a blank canvas. This will make mini room makeovers or decorating for holidays far more practical than locking yourself into upholstery colors that are pretty but may not work with your holiday décor or stand the test of time. When it comes to furniture, going for high-quality items in neutral colors is a strategy you will never regret.

Natural Elements

One of the keys to a cozy cottagecore vibe is to focus on materials like wood in your furniture. There’s no need for a complete room makeover (unless you like that idea). Emphasize the wood grain in any furniture that you already have, or add something easy, such as a wood occasional table that looks a bit rustic. You can also create a cottagecore vibe with simple additions like candles in wood or metal candleholders or anything that isn’t decidedly modern looking. Picture frames in natural wood tones can add a lovely cottagecore touch.

Mixing natural elements with 21st-century technology can be fun, too. You get to keep all the electronics you love while creating a cottagecore vibe in your home this winter. Consider placing that gaming station or TV on a wooden console with a visible grain instead of one made of glass or metal. There are also numerous ways to hide electronic cords (which is great for any look—not just cottagecore). If you have a computer desk or entertainment area with many cords, look online for ways to hide cords safely behind furniture or camouflage them. There are devices and suggestions available, such as running cords along baseboards or through cord covers that match your walls. The more unplugged your home looks when you aren’t using your electronics, the more serene it will be.

Handcrafted Accessories

Whether it’s a quilt your grandmother made, one you picked up at a swap meet, or one you ordered online, handcrafted accessories add instant cottagecore to your home. Do you have artwork, hand towels, or kitchen decor with quilting, embroidery, or cross-stitch on them? Put them in a spot where they will be more visible. These homey touches will go a long way to adding a cottagecore vibe to your home this winter.

If you enjoy DIY crafting, you can make everything from wall decor to throw pillows to knickknacks that will add to your cottagecore vibe. Just stick to natural materials (or natural-looking materials) and either neutrals or vintage patterns such as florals or gingham.

Vintage Touches

If you enjoy shopping at consignment shops or vintage shops, cottagecore can be a fun indulgence. Sometimes what we love is the “treasure hunt aspect” of shopping—like when you find the perfect women’s sweater on sale for a fraction of its original price or come upon a lovely wooden bowl that would look great filled with oranges on your dining room table.

This can be a great excuse to look through your attic and closets for keepsakes that you appreciate but haven’t displayed for some time. Do you have items like vintage dishes or framed photos? Why not bring them out and enjoy them while adding to your home’s cottagecore vibe?

Cottagecore Home Organization

A great way to incorporate a cottagecore vibe to your home this winter is to make easy additions to things like storage baskets and bins. Do you have an entryway or mudroom where you hang coats and store boots? See how you can add some natural elements, such as metal coat hooks or a vintage-looking boot tray. Perhaps some new (but not “new-looking”) storage baskets for items such as hats and gloves are in order. You can make your life easier with cottagecore, too! Baskets are a great choice for kitchen organization. They will add to the cozy cottagecore vibe of your home and make your practical items look more like décor items.

With some simple additions and a bit of intentionality, you can create a cozy cottage core vibe in your home this winter. Have fun with cottagecore!


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