How to create a back-to-school capsule wardrobe for your daughter

Going back to school can be stressful for kids and parents alike. Creating a wardrobe that your daughter loves doesn't need to add stress to this busy time of year. Choosing a few pieces that are easy to mix and match can create a capsule wardrobe your daughter can turn to throughout the school year.

Choose pants or jeans in timeless silhouettes to create a basis for any outfit

Any good outfit starts with the bottoms that can hold the look together. Getting a few basic pairs of pants that are easy to mix and match for your daughter's wardrobe will allow her to easily weave in tops and accessories as she pleases.

From girls' jeans to dress pants, styles that fit well and give her confidence are the anchors to any ensemble. Your daughter can wear more trendy tops or something to show off her personality while knowing that she has the bottoms that will make her look and feel her best regardless of the season.

If your daughter wears a school uniform or has a dress code, go for dress pants such as trousers in an easy-to-match style like navy. The classic cut will look great regardless of how other clothing goes in and out of style.

If the dress code is more relaxed, you can bring in jeans your daughter can wear to school instead. The timeless style is simple to pair with a variety of girl’s tops, and she'll have fun dressing her jeans up and down depending on the occasion.

Easy-to-pair tops create endless outfit possibilities

Having a few classic tops in the rotation is another way to give your daughter the confidence to create outfits she loves while making sure she always has a few go-to pieces to rely on. Just as you did with the pants, consider timeless tops that never go out of style. Think button-down tops in either solid colors, easy-to-match patterns such as stripes, or blouses in a hue she loves.

This strategy works whether your daughter's school has a dress code. Pick basic tops such as girl’s polo shirts or button-down tops if your daughter has a school uniform in colors that go with the code. You have some more flexibility if your daughter's school doesn't have a dress code, but sticking with the basics will create a closet of clothes your daughter can turn to throughout the seasons.

Your daughter can pair a button-down or V-neck blouse with an assortment of other clothes to create a look that captures her uniqueness. Layer the look with sweaters when the weather gets chilly or let her wear a blouse alone during the warmer months. She'll give these tops a new life depending on how she mixes and matches.

Dresses and skirts provide year-round style

Put a few classic girl’s skirts and dresses in your daughter's back-to-school wardrobe and they're sure to go a long way. Skirts can play the role of dress pants or jeans depending on how they're styled.

A skirt in a basic color such as blue or black is easy to pair with a variety of tops. When the weather heats up, your daughter will appreciate having an option that keeps her cool through a busy day of hitting the books.

Likewise, having a few girl’s dresses in the rotation gives your daughter some options in the warmer months. However, dresses and skirts aren't only for the summer. These summertime staples can be incredibly versatile throughout the year.

Your daughter can pair her favorite dresses and skirts with tights and cute booties in the autumn for a school-ready look that's both stylish and comfortable. Throw a cardigan or blazer into the mix, and she's dressed for success.

Add in sweaters or cardigans for on-the-go layering

The layering pieces provide the finishing touch to a capsule wardrobe. Having a few sweaters and cardigans she can layer over the rest of her clothes will give your daughter plenty of styling options.

A girl’s pullover sweater in a color that goes with almost anything – such as gray, black, or navy – is an essential piece for any collection. Your daughter can wear it alone or layered over button-downs or other tops. She'll enjoy added versatility for many aspects of her wardrobe.

A girl’s cardigan is another wear-anywhere piece that's fun to dress up for school. Whether your daughter wears it as a central focus point of a cold-weather outfit or carries it with her for easy layering in case the weather gets chilly during warmer times of the year, one favorite cardigan can go a long way.

A back-to-school capsule wardrobe will give your daughter clothing she can count on from the start of classes to the end of the school year. Give her clothing that's easy and fun to mix and match, and you'll give her the confidence in looking her best. She'll be ready to take on whatever comes her way.

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