How to Combine Cashmere and Loungewear

How to Combine Cashmere and Loungewear

One of the best parts of enjoying fashion is that you can rearrange your favorite wardrobe items into new outfits. And when those outfits include both cashmere and loungewear, you have the perfect combination for comfort and style. If you haven’t tried these two together before, dive in!

Casual wear is everywhere these days, and much of it is loungewear. It used to be that a pair of jeans and a t-shirt were about as casual as most would care to wear in public, but loungewear is much chicer than it used to be. Women’s yoga pants, for example, have become the new go-to pants for relaxing at home as well as going out and about — and not just to the yoga studio. For a lovely look and feel, add a cashmere turtleneck to a pair of black yoga pants, and you are ready to go almost anywhere, whether it is out to dinner and a movie or just running errands.

Working From Home Looks

With so many of us working from home, finding ways to be comfortable and still professional-looking for virtual meetings has become a challenge for some of us. Combining cashmere and loungewear is a perk of working from home, and it can be a great business casual look at the same time. A cashmere crewneck sweater is a perfect top to wear as part of your working from home outfit. If you have a video conference, you will look professional and stylish from the waist up, yet not feel silly for wearing casual pants in a neutral color like black or grey at the same time. The soft, relaxed feel of your clothes will even help you to feel focused and confident for the tasks at hand.

A long cashmere cardigan is the perfect third piece to add to comfy pants and a tank top or t-shirt. A long open cashmere cardigan is like a blazer because of its silhouette. It creates a graceful drape while maintaining its shape and instantly dresses up any outfit. With this combination, you will look put together while feeling so comfortable you will almost think you are wearing your favorite pajamas instead.

Play with Colors

If you are wearing neutral pants and a white top, a bright pop of color like red, hot pink, or royal blue can be just the ticket. For a more subdued look, go with all neutrals in your choice of pants, top, and long cardigans, but be sure to add some flair with your favorite jewelry or perhaps a lovely silk scarf. With a long cardigan, just draping a long scarf around your neck and letting it hang down can be a great look. To look a bit more buttoned-up, go for a loosely knotted scarf closer to your collar bone. If you would like to try some new scarf tying ideas, spend a little time on the internet and find some articles or video tutorials. It’s always fun to try something a little different when it comes to accessories.


Have you ever added a cashmere cardigan or a cashmere blend throw to your favorite flannel pajamas or women’s loungewear for movie watching at home? You can’t get cozier than flannel and cashmere! Whether you are having an at-home movie date night with your one and only or cozying up with a cup of tea and that favorite flick that makes you laugh or cry every time, pamper yourself with the lush feel of cashmere and loungewear. This combination takes cozy to a whole new level. You can even add cashmere to your favorite comfy sweats. It might at first sound like fashion sacrilege to pair a high-end fabric with mere sweats. But playing around with this idea can be fun and oh so comfy! Many sweatpants come in neutral colors and silhouettes that are more like slim pants rather than something destined just for the gym.

Mix and Match

Start by getting your favorite sweats — straight-leg cuts work well here — and your favorite cashmere out and laying them out on your bed for easy viewing. Mix and match them to see what new ideas come up. Perhaps those favorite black sweatpants and that gorgeous cardigan paired with a comfy t-shirt will be your new favorite outfit. Next, put them on and model them in front of a full-length mirror to get the full effect. This will help you to decide what pieces work with each other, as well as those that don’t.

However, you choose to combine your cashmere and loungewear, know that comfort and confidence are always beautiful choices.

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