How To Choose Your Swimwear After a Mastectomy

How To Choose Your Swimwear After a Mastectomy

A woman's entire wardrobe can change after their body undergoes pivotal moments. Breast surgery is a major event that requires some clothing adjustments to achieve the perfect fit. Whether you need to incorporate breast forms or want extra support after reconstructive surgery, a new set of mastectomy swimsuits will get you back to the pool or beach with confidence.

Mastectomy suits are more inclusive than ever, responding to the higher demand for fashion-conscious swimwear post-breast surgery. Whether you want a sun-protective one-piece or a flirty tankini, there is a style on the rack waiting for you. Here are some tips on choosing swimwear after a mastectomy.

Retain Your Style

After your body changes, whether it’s after the birth of a child, a weight gain or loss, or surgery, having clothing that fits is a major confidence booster. While the clothing may be different, your personality and style choices should still be reflected in your wardrobe. If you loved to wear body-shaping one-pieces pre-op, then some tummy control mastectomy swimsuits will retain your style preferences. With this simple replacement, your fashion choices won’t ever skip a beat. We love having one “little black swimsuit.” It’s the go-to suit for any occasion, whether it’s a family-friendly pool party or a lazy day by the river.

Good With or Without Breast Forms

When your breasts change after a partial or total mastectomy, you have the choice to incorporate breast forms into your swimwear. A mastectomy high neck tankini is one example of a supportive and attractive top that you can easily integrate with other swim bottoms. You may also choose to wear your new swimsuits without any prosthesis. Some women also choose to get breast reconstructive surgery, after which they must adjust their swimsuits to their new chest size and scarred areas.

After breast surgery, you need clothing that makes you feel confident. Mastectomy swimwear gives you the option to create the silhouette you want. Whether you want to wear your prosthesis or not, the secure cups and smooth lining offer you the choice every time before you go out to the water. Unlike other swimwear that has typical foam cups for breast support, mastectomy swimwear has cups that are designed to hold breast forms made of silicone and other materials. You won't have to worry about anything moving around as you stay active.

Choose Function and Fashion

Mastectomy swimsuits come in many varieties to help you balance function and fashion. For instance, mastectomy tankini tops are excellent for budget-conscious people who want to reuse their old swimsuit bottoms. They also provide easy changes between swimsuits and clothing when you need to return to activities on land.

One-piece mastectomy swimsuits are a favorite for people who want a quick and cute option. There is no fussing with swim separates. Because one-pieces are just one unit, they are especially secure and ideal for supporting breast forms. They have cups that are strong enough to support prostheses without any nuisance readjustments.

Create a Natural Look

Whether you prefer to wear your swimsuit with or without a breast form, mastectomy suits offer the coverage and support your body needs post-op! This is why a majority of mastectomy suits are high neck and offer some support below the breasts. By eliminating any cleavage, the breast forms can be used to create a natural-looking shape. Add some style and convenience with zip-up and high-neck halter designs. These suits have an extra lining to make sure that the breast forms don’t create any obvious lines or creases. What results is a seamless appearance and a figure that embraces all of your best features.

Pick a Variety of Styles

When you’re working with a new figure, it will take some experimentation and trials to find your new favorite fit. What worked for you pre-op may not be your preferred swimsuit option post-op. Go through your old and new swimsuits and take out anything that isn’t supportive on the chest. Anything that doesn’t provide enough coverage to create a natural look should also go out the door. Instead, embrace your new figure with fabulous, well-fitting swimwear that makes you look amazing. Keep any swim bottoms that you love to match with your new mastectomy tankini tops. This is your time to claim the next chapter of your life with new adventures. Vacations by the sea, cruises, boating trips, and more await you. Look good and feel great as you set off to do more incredible things!

Mastectomy swimsuits like high-neck tankinis, one-piece zip-front suits, swim dresses, and more will speak to your sense of style and embrace your new body post breast surgery.


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