How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Next Vacation Destination

How to Choose the Right Swimwear for Your Next Vacation Destination

You’re going on a vacation? Fun! You’ll want to bring the right swimwear. Let’s look at some great options.

Sometimes More Is…More!

If you are going on a vacation longer than a three-day weekend, pack at least two women’s swimsuits. This will help ensure you always have a dry one ready to go when you want it. If you like variety in either swimsuit colors or styles, this will also give you different suit “outfits."

It's a great idea to pack a swimsuit in a handy spot in your carry-on luggage. That way, when you get to your destination, you can take a quick dip in the hotel pool before dinner or be ready to hit the beach. If you are coming from a colder climate to a warmer one, you will want to maximize your pool opportunities.

Suits for Lounging

If your favorite activity for your swimsuit is relaxing, yay, you! The right suit will be one that fits, is comfy, and gives you the style you prefer. Check your current bust, waist, and hip measurements before you go swimsuit shopping (either online or in a brick-and-mortar store). Our bodies are constantly changing and clothing sizes across brands and styles can vary.

For a classic look, consider a one-piece swimsuit. They can be either modest or daring, depending on how they are cut. Tankinis are fun. Two-piece swimsuits also have the advantage of purchasing tops and bottoms in different sizes. It’s amazing how many women benefit from this. Black swimsuits are instantly sophisticated and will go with any cover-up or cute vacation sandals.

Suits for Sports

What’s your pleasure? Swimming? Surfing? Kayaking? Water-skiing? If you are buying a suit for your favorite sport, in addition to comfort and style, you will also want to consider performance. A key to performance in a swimsuit is how well it stays with you as you move. You will want one that hugs your curves and stays in place no matter which way you turn or how fast you go. Be sure to move around when trying on swimsuits so you can get a feel for how well a given candidate stays in place.

Rash guards can be great for sports. Originally worn by surfers, you wear this short-sleeved or long-sleeved top over your suit. They are cut close to your body for an instantly cool-looking vibe while keeping you more covered than most suits. If you are a serious pool swimmer (either while on vacation or at home), consider getting a chlorine-resistant swimsuit. You’ll get more mileage out of one.

Suits with Extra Support

There are plenty of options if you are looking for a suit to give you some extra support. Underwire suits are a great option for busty women. If you like a bit of tummy control, consider a tummy control tankini or a one-piece swimsuit or swim skirt with tummy control built in.

Suits with Extra Sun Safety

If you love long days at the pool or the beach, consider letting your suit protect you from the sun in addition to your sunscreen. There are sun protective swimwear options like swimsuits, swim dresses, and rash guards with specific SPF protection built right in.

Terrific Towels

If it’s been a while since you have treated yourself to a new beach towel, it’s time! If you will be staying on-site at a resort or only swimming in a hotel pool on your vacation, you can save yourself a bit of packing if you prefer. If you like the option of having your own beach towel with you, remember they take up a bit of space in your luggage but are also great for cushioning delicate items like laptops or any souvenirs that you pick up that require extra care.

Monogrammed beach towels are a great idea, especially if you are traveling with your family. By not only color coding, but also putting initials, first names, or a fun nickname on their beach towel, they will be instantly recognizable.

Footwear for the Water

Depending upon your vacation destination, you may only need to protect your feet from the hot pavement before you get into the pool. On the other hand, if you will be going to the beach, your feet may need protection from small rocks or shells. Learn about your vacation destination and consider what activities you will enjoy there when planning footwear with your swimwear. A simple pair of waterproof slides may do the trick or swim shoes or swim sandals might be a better choice. Swim shoes are soft and easy to pack, so adding a pair to your luggage never hurts.

Take a bit of time to choose just the right swimwear for your next vacation destination. Then have a fabulous time!


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