How to Pick the Right Spring Coat for Yourself

How to Pick the Right Spring Coat for Yourself

Depending on the climate where you live, choosing a spring coat can be trickier than it should be. The temperature might be hovering around a high of 40 degrees with sideways-blowing rain one day, and the next day it could be 20 degrees warmer and sunny. Because you need a jacket for different types of weather, the key is to find one that’s versatile enough to accommodate all of it – or perhaps even have two spring coats handy for different weather conditions and occasions. If you’re in the market for a new spring coat, start by considering the look you want, then the weather you’re likely to experience where you live. Following that basic advice and keeping current trends in mind, here are our suggestions for finding the right spring coat for you.

For a Professional Look

The trench coat is a trusted and timeless spring coat. While you won’t want to turn to a trench coat if you’re headed out on a morning run, you will definitely want to consider one if you’re headed to work or dressing up for a night out. Trench coats are great because if you’re headed out for the night, you don’t even need a purse since there are typically plenty of big pockets to hold your keys, cash, phone, and lipstick. If rain is a common feature in your spring forecast, consider one that’s also water-resistant.

For Travel

If you’re headed on a trip and want to have something handy for those chillier or wet days, packable jackets are the way to go, since they easily fit into luggage. They can be made of a packable down material or just a thin windbreaker type that is practically weightless but also keeps you warm. Look for one that’s so compact that it fits into its own carrying bag!

For a Night Out

Leather jackets are great for spring temperatures and can make even the simplest jeans and T-shirt ensemble look a bit edgier. If you don’t own a lightweight leather jacket, you’re missing out on a great wardrobe essential.

For the Weekend

Jean jackets are great for a carefree weekend look, especially since they can be layered over a sweatshirt and even look stylish with a scarf on colder days. Like leather, the jean jacket is here to stay and is a great spring wardrobe staple.

Another great weekend jacket for running errands or taking the dog for a walk is a utility jacket with pockets galore – think of an olive or navy color with a drawstring waist. Some may even have a fleece inner lining for extra warmth.

For Rainy Days

You can’t think about your spring wardrobe without rain jackets coming to mind. After all, spring is synonymous with rain in many climates. There are so many rain jackets from which to choose, so you’ll need to narrow your choice down to the type of look you want. A trench rain jacket is good for heading to the office or wearing over a dress for a night out. A classic squall jacket is great for running errands in wind and rain. The color of your rain jacket will also make a difference. Bright, vibrant colors are popular for spring this year, so don’t be afraid to use your rain jacket to brighten up an otherwise dreary rainy day.

For Running

If you’re an outdoor runner, you’ll need a jacket that has updated moisture-wicking technology. It should also be breathable, durable, and most of all, comfortable. Make sure it strikes the right balance between tight and loose as well. A loose-fitting rain jacket can be just as restricting as a tight-fitting rain jacket when it comes to running. Make sure you have some reflective coating on your jacket as well if you run before dawn or after dusk.

For Warmth

When it comes to staying warm on those chilly spring days, a fleece jacket or hoodie is your best bet. They’re super soft, easy to care for, and some are even water-resistant. Take the length into consideration when choosing a fleece jacket. Cropped, shorter fleece jackets are versatile and comfy, but longer fleece jackets provide added protection for colder, windier spring days.

When it comes to finding the perfect spring coat, remember to consider how it will look when worn over your everyday wardrobe choices as well. For example, a fleece jacket may look too casual paired with a dress or with work pants. If a professional wardrobe is what you tend to wear most, you might opt for a trench-style spring jacket instead. Nonetheless, that’s one more reason that it’s nice to have a variety of spring coat options.


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