How to Choose a Minimalist Comfy Collection

How to Choose a Minimalist Comfy Collection

If you love comfortable clothing, you may be constantly seeking out new cozy items to add to your wardrobe. However, if you are also into minimalism, you may be wary of having an overstocked closet. There’s no set number of items you need for a minimalist wardrobe; this type of closet focuses on getting rid of items you do not need or even cutting down your wardrobe to the absolute minimum. Follow these tips for choosing items to add to your cozy year-round collection.

Do a Wardrobe Audit

Before you think about adding new items you will actually wear, first determine what to get rid of. Go through your closet and make a note of what items you wear often—and what you barely touch and can get rid of. Say goodbye to the items you no longer want or need by donating them or giving them away to friends. By knowing what to look out for when selecting new pieces for your comfy collection down the line, you can avoid overbuying. Remember that you can rotate comfy pieces in and out of your collection depending on the time of the year.

Select Highly Versatile Items

If you are focusing on a small wardrobe, choose versatile items to fit various outfits. Comfy closet basics, such as leggings, short- and long-sleeved T-shirts, blue jeans, and crewneck sweaters, are examples of clothing pieces that can work with almost any type of outfit. Choose multiples of an item, such as both blue and black skinny jeans, to give yourself more mix-and-match options. When focusing on versatility, consider comfy items you can dress up and down. For example, you can easily dress up leggings with a long tunic and heeled sandals if you are heading to brunch with the girls but dress down with sneakers and a graphic T-shirt if you plan on running errands.

Purchase for Quality

When purchasing items to fit into your minimalist wardrobe, emphasize quality, especially because you aren’t focusing on quantity. That way your collection will last a long time and withstand multiple uses. If you are afraid your long-lasting pieces will become outdated over time, pick out always-in-style, classic pieces. You may have to pay a little more for quality pieces made with fabric that can withstand the test of time while keeping you comfortable. Organic cotton, silk, cashmere, and merino wool are just some examples of quality materials that are a bit pricier but last longer.

Choose Easy-to-Layer Pieces

If you want to keep your wardrobe down to the minimum, choose pieces you can layer during cold seasons and wear alone once spring and summer roll around. For example, you can wear base pieces, such as comfy knit dresses, bodysuits, overalls, and blouses, alone on warmer days. When the temperature dips, you can layer over your favorite cold-weather-ready jackets and coats. When selecting comfortable outerwear, consider versatile winter coats you can wear for multiple activities, such as a parka jacket or down coat. If you have a dressier comfy style, a tweed coat is perfect for you.

Focus on Fewer Colors

If you focus on fewer colors when building your minimalist wardrobe, you can ensure that your pieces will mix and match with almost any outfit. Though you definitely should have a few statement pieces, the core of your wardrobe should consist of matching, wear-with-anything apparel. Neutral colors—think black, white, tan, brown, navy, gray, or beige—match with pretty much anything. These items do not all have to be solid, though. Go ahead and pick out chic patterned pieces to lend a bit more depth to your outfits. However, your taste matters, too. Therefore, if you adore bright colors, include a few pieces featuring your favorite shades.

Pick Out Matching Footwear

Pick out comfortable, versatile footwear to add to your year-round minimalist collection. Choose shoes you can wear almost anywhere, such as a pair or two of stylish lifestyle sneakers, slides, or sandals. For your dressier outfits, add a pair of cushioned loafers or leather flats. Once fall and winter roll around, make sure you have a pair of quality booties or boots that will take you from work to the weekend. You only need a few pairs of fashionable, long-lasting shoes throughout the year to complete your outfits.

Finish Off Your Collection With Accessories

Round out your accessories drawer with versatile items you can match with plenty of outfits. Make sure to include fall and winter accessories, such as gloves, scarves, beanies, and long socks, that are easy to pair with your outfits. Simple but classic jewelry, such as diamond or silver-toned studs or small hoop earrings, can also work with almost any outfit, as will a quality leather handbag or belt and a classic-style watch.

Finish off your collection with a fun statement piece that adds a pop of color to your looks. Your statement piece should be something you love that ties your outfits together—such as a signature fedora hat, a leather belt with a distinctive buckle, or a silk neck scarf with a beautiful floral print. People may incorrectly view a minimalist wardrobe as boring, but that’s not always the case—especially if you have that eye-catching piece to finish off your looks.

Finally, remember to care for your items to extend their life even longer. If necessary, visit a tailor to ensure a proper fit. Having a go-to, minimalist wardrobe can make your life much easier. You are not scrambling to find an outfit to wear, which is especially great for busy bees. Look for comfortable, quality pieces you can wear again and again, no matter the time of the year.


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