How to Celebrate Earth Day 2023

How to Celebrate Earth Day 2023

This year’s Earth Day is coming up on Friday, April 22. Earth Day is a great opportunity to celebrate our planet and to find new and creative ways to make a positive impact. With Earth Day events going on all around the world, it’s also the perfect excuse to get together with friends or neighbors or to find a new activity for the whole family. And don’t fret if planning something for a Friday is too complicated with everyone’s work and school schedules. Simply celebrate the next day instead and make a Saturday of it!

There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Day, from making small commitments to sustainability to planning a fun and impactful event in your community. Read on for some ways you can celebrate Earth Day 2023 with both big and small suggestions for commemorating this important day.

Host an Eco-Friendly Picnic

Hosting an eco-friendly picnic is the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day this year. It’s an earth-friendly way to gather with family and friends while also enjoying the changing weather (it’s about time, are we right?!). To get started, send an email out to neighbors or friends inviting them to your eco-friendly Earth Day picnic either at a local park or your backyard. If you prefer to stick to a smaller group, you can organize a similar event with your immediate family or household instead.

Opt for eco-friendly cutlery and reusable packaging, and request that everyone attending do the same. Stick to sustainable, organic, local treats like fresh veggies and fruit from the local farmer’s market, or perhaps some vegan tea sandwiches. If you’re going to a nearby park, pack everything into insulated lunch boxes, a classic picnic basket, or an extra-large canvas tote bag rather than single-use bags.

Organize a Neighborhood Clean-Up

Another great way to celebrate Earth Day 2023 while also connecting with friends or neighbors is to organize a neighborhood clean-up. A neighborhood clean-up is a simple yet effective way to make an impact in your community while also connecting with other attendees. Before inviting everyone to your clean-up, make sure you pick a route, park, or another local area that’s safe and accessible, so everyone can join in without worrying about things like car traffic getting in the way.

Encourage everyone to bring some thick, reusable gloves and to dress appropriately for the event with pants and a top that’ll cover any exposed skin. You should also plan to bring all your essentials, like sunscreen, a snack, and hand sanitizer in a backpack. Backpacks will allow for free hands during clean-up and help prepare you for whatever the day may bring.

Plan a Hike, Walk, or Bike Ride

This Earth Day, plan to ditch the car for the day and celebrate with a hike, long walk, or bike ride with neighbors, friends, or family. Like the other ideas on our list, this is both impactful and can be an opportunity to get out there and enjoy nature together. While the exact activity here will be dependent on the area you live in, the idea here is to limit car use for the day and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Whether you opt for a long walk, a hike on your favorite local trail, or a bike ride to the Farmer’s Market, don’t forget to bring along a packable jacket in case an April shower decides to rain on your parade!

Upgrade to Canvas Shopping Bags

If you’re not up for planning a big event for Earth Day 2023, don’t fret! You can still celebrate this important day by making some personal changes, and maybe posting about these changes to your social media accounts to inspire others, too.

This is the perfect opportunity for making this the day you finally swap out single-use shopping bags for sustainable canvas tote bags. Find a participating location to recycle that pile of plastic or paper shopping bags that are just taking up space under your sink. Pick out a few cute canvas totes to keep by your front door or in your car for all of your grocery store hauls. If you do end up hosting an event, some monogrammed canvas totes can make for the perfect sustainably stylish gift bags for any event attendee.

Earth Day is the perfect opportunity for gathering with your community or organizing your household to encourage and inspire positive change! We’re sure Mother Earth, and anyone you choose to include in your event, will be grateful you made the effort.


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