How to Take Care of Your Mastectomy Swimsuit

How to Take Care of Your Mastectomy Swimsuit

Finding a mastectomy swimsuit you love post-mastectomy, one that makes you feel truly confident, is a pretty incredible feeling. Making sure this favorite find lasts is important. Thankfully, Lands’ End mastectomy swimsuits have features like chlorine resistance that help extend the life of your suit. But you still need to follow a few important steps to really extend your swimsuit’s life. If you’re thinking it’s as easy as rinse, wear, repeat, you’re actually not too far off. Keep reading to learn the tips and tricks that will make your new mastectomy suit last, as well as a few other answers to commonly asked questions regarding mastectomy swimsuits for women.

How Do I Care for My Mastectomy Swimsuit?

No matter if it’s a Lands’ End mastectomy swimsuit or just any old swimsuit under the sun, there are basically two types of swimsuit people: those who throw their suit in with their regular laundry and those who consider pool time equal to time spent in the wash. Unfortunately, neither is the correct way to care for swimwear. With just a few simple steps, your suit will look spectacular the entire summer and for seasons to come. Naturally, you should follow the suit’s care instructions, but here are a few useful tips that go beyond the ones on the label. The best way to care for a mastectomy swimsuit (or any swimwear) is to handwash it in cool water after each use. Even on the gentle cycle, a washing machine can still be too rough on your suit. It’s best to wash your suit by hand, the same day, in cold water with a mild soap, lightly massaging it to work out the chemicals and dirt. Remember to turn the suit inside out as well. Then rinse your swimsuit off with cool water. Do not wring your suit because it can damage the fibers and make your suit lose its shape. Hanging can also stretch it out. For best results, lightly squeeze out the water. Instead of putting your suit into the dryer, gently roll your swimsuit in a dry towel. Of course, make sure the towel you are using is clean (not one that spent the day at the beach or pool with you). The reason for this is simple: the heat from dryers is too harsh on swimsuit fabrics. So, instead, find a shaded area to lay your suit flat on a towel to dry. Ensure your suit is completely dry before putting it away.

What If I Get Sunscreen On My Mastectomy Swimsuit?

The best way to get sunscreen stains out of your Lands’ End mastectomy swimsuit, is to not get sunscreen on your swimsuit in the first place. But as we all know, accidents happen. In the event that you do get sunscreen on your swimwear, simply wet the stain with warm water. This will loosen the fabric slightly and make it easier to work with. Add a little bit of mild laundry detergent directly to the sunscreen stain on the swimsuit. Work the detergent into the stain using a gentle scrubbing motion. This is best done with your hands or a soft-bristled toothbrush. That’s all it takes to lift the stain. However, the best course of action is to avoid getting sunscreen lotions and oils on your suit because the chemicals can damage the fabric.

If I Don’t Use a Chlorinated Pool, Do I Still Have to Rinse My Swimsuit?

Yes, no matter where you wear your Lands’ End mastectomy swimsuit, you still need to rinse it afterward. All it takes is a quick rinse in cold water as soon as possible after each wear to keep your swimsuit looking newer longer. You can rinse your swimsuit in the shower or in the sink to remove excess salt, chlorine, and sunscreen. And yes, you should rinse your swimsuit even if you were only wearing it to soak up rays in the backyard.


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