How to Bring Spring Inside During Winter

How to Bring Spring Inside During Winter

Ah … winter! That lovely time of year where we can enjoy snow and cocoa and long winter evenings. But if you start getting a bit tired of all that cold and darkness after the holidays, you can bring spring inside for an instant pick-me-up. So let’s look at some options on how to brighten those winter days.

White Décor

Add a little white to your décor. Winter darkness can be chased away with lovely swaths of white fabric. Change up the duvet cover in your bedroom to an all-white option with matching pillow shams and throw pillows. This will immediately brighten your bedroom while looking restful and sophisticated. A white throw blanket draped over a chair can provide a similar effect. We don’t usually think of “blanket” and “spring” together, but that extra bit of brightness can make a big difference.

Natural Light

Coax all the natural light into your home that you can. Do you have windows that look out onto a backyard with a privacy fence? If so, consider taking down any curtains or blinds that obscure the natural light. At a minimum, open up your window treatments as often as it is convenient to bring in the sunshine (or even the clouds — a little natural light is better than none).

When natural light isn’t as much of an option, make sure that you are taking advantage of overhead lights, table lamps, and candles to brighten your home. Experiment with lighting options like draping fairy lights in your living room or bedroom. It’s amazing what changing up your lighting can do for your mood.

Colorful Clothing

Bring some spring colors into your wardrobe, too. Don’t worry, this can be subtle and still “blend” with winter while giving you a boost. Women’s sweaters are a great place to start. Choose a pretty pastel crewneck or V-neck sweater paired with black pants and black shoes for a timeless and sophisticated look. There’s nothing like color to bring the feeling of spring back. Maybe a pastel or bright women’s cardigan in a color that doesn’t say “holiday sweater” would be just the ticket to bring spring indoors for you and brighten those winter months.

Colorful Linens and Décor

Just as color in your clothing can boost your mood, colorful towels, bed linens, and décor items can do the same thing while not looking out of place during winter. We usually don’t think of flannel sheets as spring-like but if you choose the right solid pastel or floral print, you can enjoy both cozy warmth and lovely thoughts of spring at the same time.

Throw pillows and plants are a great way to change up your décor quickly and economically. Add pop colors with floral throw pillows to your living room, bedroom, or home office for a lift. A little greenery or planting an indoor bulb garden will bring that spring feeling. Stop by the florist’s or the grocery store and pick up some cut flowers for an instant boost regardless of what the calendar says.

Plan for Spring Travel and Activities

When in doubt, do a little daydreaming or planning. If you have a winter vacation to a warm land on the calendar, make sure to start early with planning clothing, swimwear, and accessories that you will need. Take a closet inventory and make a list of what you have that will work and what you still need to buy. Perhaps a new beach cover-up or some new beach towels are in order.

If you’re like most of us and don’t have a warm winter vacation planned, don’t let that stop you! Take advantage of those dark winter nights to look through spring and summer fashion magazines and websites and map out what you would like to do when the weather is warmer. Does that swimsuit from last summer still fit? What options will you want to take advantage of this summer? Lands’ End has great swimwear for everybody. Indulge in some empowering browsing or early shopping so you’ll be ready when the mercury finally rises.

Would you like to plant some new annuals in the spring or maybe start a vegetable garden so you can have the freshest produce available? What about starting a window herb garden? Half of successful gardening is planning and learning about what plants will grow the best (and look the prettiest) in your climate and with your available space. By the time spring planting season rolls around, you can be all ready to go and have some lovely winter entertainment along the way.

Winter can be either wonderful or challenging, depending on how you approach it. Why not make it wonderful by bringing a little spring inside?

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