How to Achieve a Boho Look in Your Bedroom

How to Achieve a Boho Look in Your Bedroom

The bohemian, or boho, style is a home design trend that is easy to achieve and easy to maintain. The style is largely hippie-inspired and leans into vintage, ’70s trends. It’s timeless, classic, colorful, and unfussy. It also requires less upkeep and trend-chasing than some of the now-in-fashion and constantly changing home trends. A boho bedroom is welcoming, cozy, effortlessly cool, and, best of all, easy to achieve. Here are some ways to easily incorporate boho style into your bedroom, whether you’re starting from a blank slate or adding boho pieces to an already designed space.

Make a Statement With a Floral or Paisley Duvet Cover

The bedroom is named for the bed, so it’s only natural that your bed is the focal point of any boho-inspired bedroom. Find a colorful, fun duvet cover in a quintessential boho print like paisley or a chunky (but not delicate) floral design. You can even get a few different duvet covers to swap out seasonally to keep your bedroom feeling fresh.

In order to truly achieve the boho vibe, make sure your duvet cover isn’t the exact same print or color as your bedsheets. Try a neutral solid color such as cream, light gray, or white for your sheets, and let your duvet cover be the main event. Boho style is deliberate and employs lots of complementary colors and prints, but it never relies on items in matching colors to achieve the look.

Add Some Colorful Throw Pillows to Your Bed

Pops of intentional but non-matching, color can help make any bedroom feel boho; bohemian styles traditionally celebrate vivid colors and patterns. Throw pillows is a simple way to create bright accents in your bedroom; just place several throw pillows on your bed, or if your bedroom has a chair or couch, on those seating areas, too. Choose bright throw pillows or throw pillows in bold designs that complement each other—and while they should not match your duvet cover, make sure they don’t clash, either.

Once you have your throw pillows picked out, you’ll be surprised at how different your bedroom can look with a few accent pieces placed throughout. Best of all? Throw pillows can easily be swapped out when you want a change.

Drape a Blanket at the End of Your Bed

Blanket layering and draping is a key aspect of the boho look. When shopping for a throw blanket, get one that doesn’t perfectly match your duvet; remember that boho style is never matchy-matchy. Instead, opt for a throw blanket in a warm color that makes your bed even more like a focal point. Both solid-colored and boldly printed throw blankets can work in a boho bedroom, use your design eye to determine what best fits in with your duvet cover and throw pillows.

Your throw blanket not only serves as an intentional item designed to help you achieve that boho look, but it’s also functional—you can snuggle up with it on cold nights or wrap it around you as you read a book. When you’re ready to make your bed, casually drape the blanket at the end of your bed. If you have a chair in your bedroom, try draping a throw blanket over the chair's back and onto one of the arms. A major aspect of the boho style is the creation of multidimensional layers throughout a room, whether it’s layered blankets or piled throw pillows.

Get a Stylish Basket to Contain Clutter

Seagrass baskets have a natural style, and natural style is a major part of the boho look. Seagrass baskets come in shades of brown and cream and resemble wicker material. They are great for storage and can help make a space look more orderly while remaining a neutral décor piece.

Get a few seagrass baskets of varying sizes and shades to place around your bedroom. You can get baskets big enough for folded blankets or smaller baskets ideal for storing jewelry or candles. Smaller baskets can be placed on your dresser or your nightstand, while larger seagrass baskets can stand alone in your space. Place a large seagrass basket in the corner of your bedroom next to a lamp or bookshelf to create a cozy, bohemian feel.

A boho bedroom isn’t hard to create, it just requires a few unique and fun items to turn your space into a relaxing, bohemian oasis. The style is meant to be easy and doesn’t require updates throughout the year to keep up with the times. Instead, it’s timeless. The boho pieces you purchase now can be used for years and years—if anything, and in theme with its retro feel, boho pieces only get better with time.


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