How to be Trendy in Your 50s?

Trendy in Your 50s?

In her 50s, my beloved grandmas hair was greying, and she never considered covering it. She always looked nice, but the last trend she had followed was the introduction of polyester pant suits. She owned drawers full of gorgeous costume jewelry, but she rarely wore it and I have no memory of her acquiring anything other than a few pieces of fine jewelry in my lifetime. Her time was devoted to caring for her family, taking care of her home and attending church functions. Our culture is vastly, remarkably different now. Among my acquaintance, women in their 50s are at the peaks of their careers. They look younger, feel younger, enjoy better health and more active lifestyles than their demographic ever has before. Most women in their 50s still enjoy fashion, although they have a better understanding of what they like and what works for them than younger women, and while they have built impressive wardrobes, they are still in the game, keeping their looks fresh with a few additions each season.

But what about trends, and fads? Can a woman in her 50s follow trends or enjoy fads without looking juvenile or silly? Of course, she can! With a little consideration, a vibrant woman of any age can try out almost anything going on in fashion. Let's talk about how to experiment with trends when you're a mature, self-actuated woman with her own established sense of style.

Explore Trends That Appeal to You

High-waisted jeans are trending right now, and there is absolutely no way that I am going to do that again. To me, ultra-high-waisted jeans are uncomfortable, unflattering, and reminiscent of my awkward years. Ditto acid wash. And pleated jeans. Essentially, late-80s jeans were a disaster for me, and I will not go back. Happily, there are retailers like Lands' End, which stocks a full complement of cuts and washes among their jeans, so I can find jeans that work on my body and with my wardrobe any time. Point being, it's okay to sit one out if you know it's not for you. Trends are supposed to be fun, and if one sounds miserable to you, skip it! The flip side of that sentiment is: if a trend appeals to you, give it a whirl! At the moment, statement necklaces, animal prints, block-heeled pumps and Preppy styles are all trending; if one (or all) of those sounds like it would mesh with your style and wardrobe, go for it! One of the great joys of being a mature, self-actuated woman is having the confidence and resources to try something if we want to, as well as the confidence and restraint to say, No, if that is right for us.

Use Trends in a Way That Works for You

Strawberries are everywhere right now. You have probably seen the pink dress covered with sparkly strawberries that started it all when it was worn on the red carpet by Tess Holiday, quickly followed by other celebrities. Now, iterations of that dress and other pieces inspired by it are available at retailers of every level, for everyone from toddlers to grandparents. Personally, I think that the strawberry prints are darling, but cutesy prints aren't generally my style. However, an enameled strawberry brooch and a strawberry-print scarf tied on my handbag are very much my style! I can take part in this fad in a way that requires a minimal monetary outlay and works with my established aesthetic. So, when chartreuse is trending big, or you're noticing little foxes on everything, or paisley seems to be having a moment, remember that you absolutely do not have to buy a whole dress to take part in a given trend. Explore it in an understated way, and if you really love it, you can always lean into it with your next purchase.

Everything Old Is New Again

This might be fabulous, it might be depressing, but we must acknowledge it: Shop your closet for trends. If you, as I do, save your good wardrobe pieces indefinitely, you may have a hot, on-trend item in your closet from the last time it made a splash. The strawberry brooch mentioned above? From my grandmother's collection. I've had it since she passed away, and here it is, trending fifty-odd years after it was made and 20 years after it came into my possession. Having built cohesive powerhouse wardrobes stands us in good stead when it comes to shopping our closets, so take advantage of it!

Trends are for Everyone

Anyone of any age can follow trends in fashion, and even if you decide a trend isn't for you it's nice to know what they are in any given season. Knowing what's trending, whether or not you want to partake of it, keeps your style fresh and your eye sharp. No one wants to stagnate! Understanding who you are and having an established style doesn't mean it's not worth looking forward and keeping your look fresh where you can. No matter your age or style, feel free to try out the trends and fads that appeal to you. Maturity is not indifference, it's wisdom!


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