UV Protection Swimsuits to Brave the Sun

UV protection swimsuits to brave the sun

Protecting yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of UV rays isn’t necessarily a topic of conversation everyone delves into prior to heading out on a gorgeously sunny day. Sure, we may slather on a gob of sunscreen for a day at the beach, or read in the shade rather than in the full sun, but other than that…anyone? Clearly, sun protection is important to us. However, we are falling a bit short when it comes to taking the steps needed to ensure that we are properly protected. 

Luckily, at Lands’ End, we have led the industry in wearable sun protection for over six years. We have designed UPF 50 swim shirts, rash guards, and swimwear using technology and fabrics with the power to do some of the sun prep for us. Here’s a guide to help you stay sun smart until the sun sets by showing you what to wear, when to wear it, and by helping you understand why UV protection swimwear is so important for our health.

Why is UPF sun protection necessary?

The short answer: UV rays are harmful. We get that, but let’s take this a step further. To understand the importance of protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the sun, it helps to understand what UPF is. For starters, UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. In other words, UPF is a measure of the number of UV rays that penetrate the fabric. The higher the UPF protection, the better. For example, when we say that our swim tee has UPF 50 protection, that means only 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation makes its way through the fabric. The rest is totally blocked.

When do I need to protect myself from ultraviolet rays?

If you were to ask the average person when they think about protecting themselves from the sun the answer would undoubtedly revolve around swimming. However, haven’t you gotten a ton of sun exposure while you were hiking, biking, gardening, or even just walking your dog? Perhaps you’ve never really thought about it in those terms. Lands’ End certainly has, which leads to a fabulous idea: wear-everywhere apparel with built-in sun protection. Their UV swimwear collection of UPF 50 cover-ups, tees, swim dresses, tunics, swim leggings, swim skirts, cover-up pants, and swim shorts should be on your must-have list. The pieces in this sun-ready collection are designed to be worn over your bathing suit. However, they can also be worn on their own as well. They offer top-notch sun protection in or out of the water without wearing off the way traditional sunscreen tends to. So you see, when it comes to the ultimate sun protection, Lands’ End truly does have your back wherever the sun takes you.

What can I wear to protect myself from harmful UV rays?

It is all about sun protection. But let’s be honest here. Style comes in a very close second. After all, if we don’t love it, we won’t wear it. What good is sun protection if it is left to hang in your closet or be folded neatly inside your dresser drawer? For the last six years, well-designed, stylish sun protection you will truly love wearing has been the focus behind each UV protecting piece in the Lands’ End lineup. Did you know that all (literally every single one) of the swimsuit essentials we offer provide some level of UPF protection, the highest of which is UPF 50? The entire Aqua Sport, Beach Living®, Lands’ End Sunrise, and SlenderSuit® swimsuit collections offer UPF 50 protection, as do the coverups and swim tees. Even if the day’s forecast calls for a little bit of beach time mixed with a whole lot of boardwalk time, you’ll stay sun smart until the sun sets.

What can I wear to protect my face from UV rays?

Of course, wearing sunscreen on your face, neck, and ears is the number one thing you can do to protect your face. However, some added protection is often needed. So, get yourself a hat. Many people like to wear baseball caps, and baseball caps can do wonders for protecting your face from the sun. However, you’ll be better off wearing a hat with a much larger brim. The brim can provide additional protection to your face as well as your ears and the front and back of your neck. Another place that needs protecting is your scalp and part, as well. A large brimmed sun hat will be your best friend in this instance. 

In short, wearing and reapplying sunscreen while wearing a large brimmed hat can make a big difference for your face, neck, scalp, and ears.

Do my eyes need to be protected from UV rays?

The short answer is yes. Your eyes need protection from the sun as well. This can be helped with a large hat to block the sun from your eyes. However, your best bet is by wearing sunglasses. Not all sunglasses are created equal, though. You need a pair that is specifically designed for UV protection. Also, look for a pair that is rated UV400 or higher. This means it’ll give premium protection to your eyes–which can prevent vision loss and a number of other issues in the future.

We all love having fun in the sun. Just make sure you’re properly protected with the right sunscreen, clothing, hats, and eyewear.


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