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How to Be Fashionable in a Warm Winter Coat

Winter is on its way, and while that means bundling up, it doesn't have to mean sacrificing style. Whether you like a no-frills, get-to-the-point down jacket, love layers with versatile down vests, or tend to go classic with pea coats and wool coats, there are ways to stay fashionable in even the worst of winters. Take a peek at some of our favorites.

Love for Layers

The forecast calls for flurries, and you're looking at a day packed with errands, meetings, and more extra-curricular drop-offs and pick-ups than you can count. You'll be ping-ponging between frigid temps and heated cars, and you'll need to dress accordingly. Layering will be your best friend, allowing you to adjust to your day with minimal effort – and without skimping on fashion. 

Focus on thinner under layers – think cashmere sweaters and turtlenecks, adding scarves and winter gloves as needed. Complete your lovely layered look with a winter vest or lightweight down jacket. Remember, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to leave the house with hundreds of thick layers. All you need is three layers; your base layer (closest to your skin), your mid-layer to keep you nice and warm, and your outer layer to protect you from rain, snow, wind debris, and any other environmental elements. 

Your base layer is supposed to keep you dry from any type of moisture such as sweat. Your base layer should be made from polyester, bamboo, modal, spandex, or other synthetic-made fabrics. Synthetics are good at keeping you dry due to the way they are woven together. During the process of weaving the fabric, there are miniature gaps left in between that allow moisture to break away.  

Your mid-layer is your warmest layer because it’s supposed to trap all of your body heat. Some pieces that work great as mid-layers are sweaters, sweatshirts, and fleece.

Your outer layer should be more of a “protective shield” since the first two layers are meant to keep you dry and warm. Depending on the type of weather you’re having for the day, you should base what you’re wearing for your outer layer on what the day brings. If it’s windy, a windbreaker jacket is meant to protect you against windchill and even light rain. If it’s snowing or if rainfalls are heavy, you’ll need a waterproof jacket. If temperatures are low but there aren’t isn’t any precipitation or snowfall, a heavy long wool coat or even a teddy coat are the perfect fashion choice. 

Focus on Fit

From perfectly puffy down parkas to slenderizing seams, fit can make all the difference when it comes to the overall feel of a piece. Fend off freezing temps with a women's jacket that falls to the ankle for extra warmth and a fashionable look.

A fit and flare wool jacket is smart and stylish for post-work dinners. Designed to give every woman a flattering shape, it falls above the knee and features vertical seaming details for a slimming appearance. Stand-up collars work well with scarves or turtlenecks for added warmth and a touch of fancy. And you can never go wrong with the classic peacoat. Dense, luscious wool and an oversized notch collar make this one a stylish staple.

Focus on Fabric

When it comes to keeping warm, functional and fashionable really can go hand in hand. Consider your climate. Do your winters consist of slightly cooler temps or are you battling blizzards before Thanksgiving? If three feet of snow has you barely batting an eyelash, your go-to gear might be the Expedition Down Parka. Our warmest of women's outerwear guarantees protection in even the most unforgiving of weather. Waterproof fabric and 600 fill power down maximize warmth while minimizing bulk, making this parka a frigid temp favorite.

Or, keep it simple with our Ultralight Packable Down Jacket. It packs a punch when it comes to warmth: 800 fill power down means it's seriously cozy without the bulk.

If your winters lean toward the more blustery-but-dry temps, make the classic peacoat your best friend. Richly soft melton with an oversized notch collar, our women's wool pea coat is as authentic as you can get. Or cozy up in the softest fleece you've felt with our women's Sherpa Fleece Jacket. Impossibly soft and super low maintenance, it's a fast favorite for anyone who loves to be cozy (hint: everyone).

Play With Patterns

When it comes to upping your fashion without compromising function, a pattern is promising. A pop of color does wonders for dreary days, and playful plaids take any raincoat from functional to fashionable. So when winter finally makes its appearance, embrace all the snow, sleet, and slush with open – and appropriately covered – arms. Remember: Even below freezing can be fashionable in the right women's outerwear.

Have fun with textures

Teddy coats are one of the most popular coats because of their texture. It’s fuzzy, soft, and cozy. The teddy coat has been around since the 1920s and we can see why it’s not going anywhere. This is the perfect casual coat and outer-layering piece that can be worn while running errands or meeting friends for brunch. 

Shearling is another fun texture to see on coat designs. Shearling coats are the perfect combination of functionality and style, which is why some can be not so budget-friendly. However, once you own one, you’ll have that jacket for years to come, and won’t ever go out of style. You can see shearling in everything from denim jackets to boots and coats of all cuts and styles.

Don’t forget to bring important accessories with you such as gloves, scarves, and hats if the weather calls for them to keep you extra warm. After all, we know a fashionable outfit isn’t complete with the small details that accessories bring. Whether you’re going for an all monochromatic look or wanting a pop of color, the best part about winter accessories is that you have an endless selection to choose from that will compliment any women's winter coats & jackets.


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