How to Avoid Last-Minute Holiday Shopping

How to avoid last-minute holiday shopping

What a flurry of a time the holidays can be! It’s nearly impossible to keep family, work and social obligations all in balance, all while arranging your seasonal throw pillows, baking Christmas cookies, and keeping the kids entertained on snow days. And if all that isn’t a challenge to you, bless you – or, better yet, give us a call. We’d love to get in on your secret.

Buying holiday gifts for everyone on your list can also be a challenge, from keeping everyone’s lists straight to getting tasteful gifts for coworkers. And making sure they’re all bought on time, well, let’s just say we’ve seen some “Happy March 17th” gifts flying around the office a time or two. How do we keep ourselves on track and on time with all this holiday shopping? Take a look at these quick tips for expedient and on-time gift buying.

Start early.

And we mean early. Just because this holiday season just ended doesn’t mean you can’t start looking forward to next year. You can always get your head start on the next holiday season as early as February or March. Kids can be hard to buy clothes in advance for, because you don’t know how much they’ll grow in a year, but if you have grown children or kids who have stopped growing, go ahead and buy them some things for next year. They aren’t going to stop looking great in turquoise, after all.

Another safe bet would be anything monogrammed. People’s names don’t change all that often, so you can totally give them a monogrammed sheet set or a monogrammed bath towel set. You could even give them a personalized needlepoint Christmas stocking in anticipation of their next holiday season. Giving someone a personalized gift will make you look on top of your gift-giving and really considerate.

Some things never fail.

There are certain gifts that would go over great with just about anyone. Everyone could use a little extra warmth and comfort in the holidays, after all, so a fleece throw blanket is a safe bet with just about any recipient. They’re warm and fuzzy, and they come in a whole array of great colors and patterns.

You could even stock up on throw blankets and have them on reserve. Don’t know what to get a coworker who just surprised you with a holiday cheese and sausage gift basket? Fleece blanket. It’s cold in your office anyway, right?

Keep your heart and head in it.

The holidays can be a alienating for some, stressful for others. But don’t worry – it’s all about spending time with the people you love. Pick out some cool stuff for them. Shop smart, shop early, and you’ll find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

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