How to Add Luxury to a Family Holiday Vacation

How to add luxury to a family holiday vacation.

"Family vacations" and "luxury" are two concepts not always said in the same breath, but hear us out. When we say "luxury," we're thinking less of the gold-plated variety and more the kind that offers you some precious peace of mind and relaxation during the most wonderful (and sometimes, stressful) time of the year. With that concept in mind, here are some ways that you can add luxury to your family holiday vacation.

Sneak in a massage

Just because it's a family holiday doesn't mean that there can't be "me" time. Carve out a well-deserved chunk of yours by sneaking in a massage appointment of your own. If you're hosting, it may be a favorite standby. If you're visiting, find out if there's a local spa that may be worth the visit. Once you've made your appointment, feel free to keep it easy with yoga pants or sweat pants and the coziest of flannel shirts and be sure not to miss your appointment for any reason.

Sleep in

One big question: why the rush? Far too often, family holidays can devolve into a mad jaunt from one destination to another, with never enough time to get ready and alarms that ring an hour or two before you'd prefer. So it's time to step back and remember the "vacation" part of "holiday vacation." Give yourself permission to sleep in, and move family events to the later morning or early afternoon. That way, everyone well arrive better rested and in the jolliest of moods. You'll get that effect after a lazy morning spent in flannel pajamas and Supima® cotton pajamas.

Embrace cashmere

Yes, yes, we know that it's better to give than to receive. But that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself once or twice on a holiday vacation. We believe you should, and when you do, that treat should be a cashmere sweater. Cashmere sweaters for women are a truly luxurious way to reward the work you've put into arranging your family's holiday vacation. And unlike other luxury items, a women's cashmere sweater still carries a practical purpose: keeping you warm and cozy as the family gathers around the fireplace for stories of holiday vacations past.

Take to the woods

When we say "take to the woods," we don't mean it in a modern "glamping" sense. We simply mean it in a low-stress, no plans needed, get yourself to the woods way. This plan may not sound luxurious on paper, but if you're expecting heated yurts and champagne you may have the wrong idea. The sense of luxury truly comes out in this concept because of its quiet, peaceful nature. Imagine that it is just you wearing a quarter zip fleece, with the kids in fleece jackets, seeing what lies at the end of a snow-covered forest path. Take a little time to listen to the silence all around you, and appreciate the sight of snow in the branches. Trust us, the holiday season is going to get stressful, no matter what precautions you put in place, so enjoy the moment of pastoral peace while you can.

Dress down

Why must holiday vacations always be dressed up affairs? As much as we'll jump to the defense of a good blue blazer, we'll admit that we don't have a conclusive answer to this one. The true purpose of a family holiday vacation is the time spent together, which doesn't require a necktie or a pearl necklace to be meaningful. Indeed, you can spend quality family time together in flannel shirts and jeans.

Go for a walk

So long as you've got warm layers at hand—think fleece jackets, quarter zip fleece, and cotton sweaters—you'll be equipped with the warmth you need to undergo some outdoor exploration. And that's a great concept, as too much time spent indoors can naturally lead to tension—no matter how wonderful the family. For this plan, break out of whatever hotel room or upstairs bedroom you might be staying in and consider going for a walk, whether it's down the street, across town, or alongside a calm and quiet beach. You can even turn it into a picnic by carrying some sandwiches in a canvas tote. Bonus point if you remember to bring along a mug of hot chocolate.

Be prepared

Family holiday vacations can be a lot less stressful if you can avoid being unprepared or underdressed for the weather in the first place. The sight of rain clouds with no plan to shelter yourself from them is a surefire way to kick up anxiety, so be sure to have a raincoat on hand, in addition to a jacket for warmth. Of course, bringing along outerwear can push your luggage allowance to the maximum, causing another source of stress. The solution to this issue is simple: opt for a packable jacket, packable coat, or packable rain coat, all of which can be packed into their hoods to make your own packing easier.

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