How to Accessorize Your Favorite Wardrobe Basics

How to Accessorize Your Favorite Wardrobe Basics

Having clothes that you can always rely on is great, but unfortunately, the more you wear the same item of clothing, the more you tend to get bored with it. That’s no reason to say goodbye to it, though. Sometimes, wardrobe basics need a little assistance to come back to life again. So, if you have a favorite blouse or little black dress that looks great on you but you wear over and over again, don’t get rid of it! Instead, try our tips for accessorizing your favorite wardrobe basics and making them look new again.

Basic Jeans

With straight-leg jeans, wide-leg jeans, high-waisted jeans, and distressed jeans all in style, chances are you have a pair of women’s jeans or two that you rely on regularly. The great thing about jeans is that people don’t often notice when you wear them more than once. Instead, they’re more likely to notice the top you wear them with, the shoes, or the accessories.

For that reason, you can pretty much wear any combination of accessories you like with a trusty pair of jeans. But try to get creative now and then. Other than wearing a belt with your jeans, for example, you might want to try tying a silk scarf through your belt loops and tying it in the middle. Don’t forget to rely on your shoes as a fashion accessory. A pair of red pumps will make your jeans outfit look completely different than a pair of sneakers.

A Plain White T-Shirt

What wardrobe is complete without a plain white T-shirt? It’s basically a blank canvas to do whatever you want with. You can wear it on its own with a pair of jeans or shorts, or you could wear it tucked into some dress pants with a blazer or cardigan sweater over it. Of course, you could add jewelry or a scarf, or pretty much any accessory you like to a white women’s T-shirt, but what really looks great is a basic jean jacket. Whether you consider a jean jacket to be outerwear or an accessory is up to you, but we think a jean jacket works as a great accessory to a white T-shirt.

The Sleeveless LBD (Little Black Dress)

A sleeveless little black dress is great because you can wear it in the summertime on its own, or in the wintertime under a blazer or cardigan sweater paired with tights and boots.

Regarding the sleeveless little black dress specifically, it practically begs for some wrist bling to liven it up. If you wear thick enamel bangles with your LBD to one event and then a stack of gold or silver bracelets to another event, the dress will look completely different each time.

A Button-down Dress Shirt

A button-down women’s dress shirt with a collar is basically begging for a necklace to be worn with it when you have the top couple buttons open. You don’t want a big chunky necklace, though. Instead, you’ll want a more dainty gold or silver chain. A pendant can work great, too, assuming the chain is short enough to allow the pendant to show between the open buttons. This idea works great for solid white button-down shirts, as you can wear pendants of any color, and they’ll draw attention from the shirt to the pendant. The same white shirt can look completely different when paired with different pendants on different days.

A Basic Sweater

A comfy women’s sweater that feels amazing and cozy is a wardrobe basic you can’t resist in fall and winter. It’s only natural to want to reach for the one that always makes us feel comfortable when it never lets you down, especially if it’s made of soft materials like cashmere. But if you find yourself going to the same sweater over and over again, try giving it a new identity now and then.

For example, in autumn, you can make it double as a jacket and add a crossbody bag. A leather crossbody bag is timeless, and it allows you to stylishly carry your phone, keys, wallet, and whatever else you may find handy to carry for the day. If it’s a longer sweater, consider belting it and making the belt the center of attention. And if the sweater isn’t too bulky, you can also wear it under the jean jacket we mentioned earlier.

Experimenting with accessories is a fun way to add a bit of pizazz to an outfit. So when your favorite wardrobe basics start to seem a little too basic, these accessorizing ideas will take them from drab to fab.


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