How to Accessorize Your Mastectomy Swimwear for the Beach

How to Accessorize Your Mastectomy Swimwear for the Beach

Lands’ End mastectomy swimsuit? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Beach towel? Check. You’re oh-so-ready to hit the beach after what feels like an eternity. The only question is: What’s missing? From ballcap to beach bag, we’ve got you covered. Before you run out the door for a day of fun in the sun, follow these tips for adding a little more pizazz to your swim season.

Start with a Better Beach Bag

There are a few things all beachgoers need. First of all, you’ll want a durable Lands’ End canvas tote on hand to keep your swim essentials at the ready now that beach outings are one of your regularly scheduled life events. Maybe chose a fun embroidery (like a sun or beachball) to personalize your tote. Not your style? What about a creative monogram that clearly declares your intentions? In your carryall, you’ll find a pocket for everything you need. A colorful beach towel (the bigger, the better) should be the first thing packed. You’ll also need sunglasses, a water bottle, sunscreen, and lip balm. A great swim coverup or summery dress that can double as a coverup is never a bad idea. You can even store your mastectomy swimsuit in the bag between uses. Keeping your beach bag packed makes finding an excuse not to catch a wave almost impossible on sunny days.

Can You Wear Jewelry While Swimming?

Well, yes. However, can and should are two totally different things. If you are spending the day on the beach, leaving the jewelry at home might be best. The list of reasons goes on and on. For starters, many predatory fish are attracted to the light created when sunshine reflects off of jewelry. As if that isn’t reason enough not to over-accessorize with silver and gold, consider how strong waves can be, even near shore. The best way to ruin a perfect day at the beach is to lose an irreplaceable ring or bracelet in the sand. Instead of going all out with glitzy jewelry, try accessorizing your swimsuit with a cover up, comfy Lands’ End sandals, and a great hat. If you’re not planning on going in the water, then by all means, wear your jewelry. When accessorizing with jewelry, start with your favorite pair of hoops and build your look from there. After all, their sparkle is a great way to draw attention to your beautiful face.

What is the Best Swimsuit Cover-Up?

For most of us, the carefree days of throwing a cover up over our swimsuit and heading out the door are but a distant memory. Now a day at the pool, on the beach, or even an afternoon on the balcony requires a bit of planning, but the payoff is so worth it. Styling the perfect beach look ensures you’ll be ready when a great photo op presents itself. Luckily, the perfect coverup may be well within your reach. In fact, you probably already own it. To take your style staples from the closet to poolside, all you need is an open mind. For example, would your favorite summer dress look stunning as a swim coverup? Yes. A shirtdress, partially unbuttoned, can take you to the beach and out to lunch afterward. And the tunics you loved with leggings last fall look summer-ready when worn over a swimsuit.

What are Board Shorts Used For?

A great pair of Lands’ End swim shorts could very well be the best accessory yet. These shorts truly can take you everywhere under the sun. In them, you can enjoy the water, then have just as much fun on dry land without changing out of your suit. You’ll want board shorts with a wide waistband for comfort that lasts all day long. Pockets, also an absolute must. And because they are made of quick-dry fabric, they never leave you feeling soggy. They’re great for everything from washing the dog, to watering the garden, to swimming. You can mix and match prints and solids to create fun looks. Bikini tops and tankinis work best. Plus, if you add a swim tee and sandals, you’ll have a go-anywhere style that never leaves you looking half-dressed.

How to Begin Swimming After a Mastectomy

Having second thoughts? You are not alone. Allow yourself to embrace the fact that recovering from anything (breast cancer included) is a process. It’s a mental, emotional, and for some even a spiritual recovery process just as much as it’s a physical one. Things that were once so simple, like swimming in public, may now seem overwhelmingly complicated, and that’s okay. Consider easing back in with a walk along the water’s edge. Just throw on a pair of Lands’ End water shoes and take it one step at a time. If you’re feeling less than lovely, pause and look around you. You’ll see bodies of every shape and size. Each unique. Perfect in their own way. Just like you.


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