How small decor swaps create a summer-ready bedroom

How small decor swaps create a summer-ready bedroom.

Summer is here, but somehow summer just didn't quite make it to your bedroom yet. Which has you stumped. You love the general look and feel of your bedroom, but something is definitely missing. At second glance you wonder: why would summer even think of showing her gorgeously tan face in this bedroom? Valid question. That bedding is from Christmas. Those throws are fall flannels. The closest thing to summer in here might be that floral rug you added for spring. You can rest assured you will not regret swapping a little of this for a bit of that. Follow these simple summer style suggestions to have you down for 40 winks in the wink of an eye.

Update your bedding.

Are you sweating all things summer? Maybe that is partially because you are still cozying up in winter’s heavy bedding each night. Sleeping in bedding designed specifically to meet your warm weather sleep needs can be a total game changer. Cotton sheets are the best for summer use because of their natural cooling effect. They keep your body from feeling too warm while you rest without leaving you chilly. Cotton bedding is specifically designed to tackle all summer sleep woes, because some summer nights feel more like “I don’t even sweat this much when I work out” while others are closer to “I should have turned off the A/C and opened the window.”

Declutter your sleep space.

During the colder months of the year, we tend to allow a bit more...well, I hate to say it, but let’s face the facts here: junk. And instead of tossing it immediately, for some reason we hold on to it. It’s time to toss, people. How many millions of years would you guess this Spring Cleaning ritual has been carried out? Granted, we’ve come a long way, but the cave still needs to be swept out when the warm winds begin to blow. By the time summer’s weather finds its way back to us our mantra may be echoed by whispers of, “out with the with the new…” Look for frays in your shams, white pillow cases that are looking a bit yellow, plus old shoe boxes, and empty wrapping paper tubes – start tossing.

Add a few nautical-inspired pieces to your bedroom décor.

Remember your days at the lake house, when the elders said, “One day you’ll be unable to dance on the tables, stroll in the rain, run on the beaches…Enjoy it while the summer is yours, my young one.” Now is your chance to fan the flames of nostalgia. Let the memories of those summer days live on in your bedroom. Make it as obvious or as subtle as you see fit, for all to immediately recognize or just a little daydream inspiration prompt only you’d appreciate. For example, if you’d like to pay homage to your summers by the sea, the right room scent, nautical inspired bedding and decor...a bit of driftwood, shells and rope. Suddenly, your bedroom is your favorite summer destination.

Bring in the bright colors or salt-washed shades.

Kick last season’s colors straight to storage. It is summer time. Time to get colorful. Grab the corals, the florals, the throws and the pillows. Now let’s ditch any pattern or non-neutral piece that isn’t ready for summer vacation. By layering just a few of the right pieces in the right places you can take your bedroom from cozy red flannel heaven to grandiose summer sunset in under an hour. Something as simple as adding new pops of color can truly change the color scheme and the overall feel of your whole bedroom.

Add decorative storage.

Who couldn’t use a little extra storage? Add a few woven baskets to your room. They’ll give you a place to stick all your extra blankets, pillows, slippers, sheets, you could even use a basket as a dirty clothes hamper. The baskets will give things a more airy, beachy feel and up your storage game. It’s a win-win!

Wall art can really add a great finishing touch

Some people really don’t put much art in their bedrooms, but that’s a huge mistake. You have open empty walls. So, use them. Add in a few small framed accent art pieces to spruce up your plain walls. Art not your thing, or maybe you want to make your room look bigger? Grab a mirror! Mirrors are a great way to make rooms look bigger and amplify all the natural light you have. So, if you have a space problem or you need more natural light, a mirror is exactly what you need!

Some of the decorative pieces might seem small, but they are mighty. They’re the perfect touches to make your room the picture of a  beautiful summer paradise.


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