How Should Men’s Swim Trunks Fit?

How Should Men’s Swim Trunks Fit?

Men’s swimwear isn’t as broad of a category as women’s swimwear. However, with the options men have, there are still plenty of ways men can step up their beach, resort, and pool game. From bright shades to nautical stripes, men can find options that suit their personality and style. But, what’s the point of wearing the most stylish pair of men’s swim trunks if the fit sucks? If you’ll be out all day long enjoying a nice summer day, you probably want to feel good, too. If you need help finding what works best for your body, we have you covered. Keep reading for our tips on what to look for when it comes to swim trunks that fit you best.

Why Are Swim Trunks Preferred by Men?

Before we get into how to determine what fits you best, let’s discuss why men prefer swim trunks. Swim trunks have been around for some time—as far back as the early 20th century. Of course, men have other options, such as boardshorts and men’s rash guards. But men tend to enjoy wearing swim trunks. If you look around any popular beach, you’ll see plenty of men rocking swim trunks. Swim trunks are practical. They can be worn in and out of the water. Plus, they feature attributes that offer comfort.

How Should Swim Trunks Fit?

Swim trunks are like any other short style—knowing your body style is key. Many men fall under “regular,” or the most common category you’ll find online and in stores. However, plenty of brands sell big, tall, and big and tall swim trunks. Shopping in these sections will provide the best option based on your body type. After figuring out your body style, determine your size range. Sites usually have a size chart featuring size ranges in centimeters and inches. The charts help you determine your size based on measurements for your waist and hips. Then, you can figure out if you're extra small, 5XL, or anything in-between.

You can also determine the size you want based on where you want the swim trunks to land once you put them on (for example, if you’re looking for short or long shorts). You can determine that information based on the inseam measurement and, if available, the model’s height. However, see the following guidelines for the best possible fit:

Finally, about your thighs. You should be able to pinch between a ½” to 1” on either side of your thigh. As for your waist, aim to have your swim trunks fit as perfectly as possible to avoid tightness or sagginess. Knowing all this information is key to finding the best fitting swim trunks. It’s more than just reading the available description, but truly understanding what works best for your body. Of course, you can always try swim trunks on to see how they fit you. Seeing is believing, and if you like what you see in the mirror, go for it!

Key Features That Offer Comfort

After determining the best swim trunks for you, take your comfort to the next level by looking for certain features. Soft, quick-drying fabric, for example, provides the utmost comfort. Plus, the fabric will quickly dry once you leave the water to hang out poolside or on the beach. Look for swim trunks featuring an elasticized waist, adjustable drawcord, or both! These features allow you to adjust to your comfort level. Finally, mesh lining can provide more breathability.

How to Style Your Swim Trunks

Once you know how to find swim trunks that best fit you, you’re already way ahead of the curve! You can slide into any plain pair of swim trunks and still look better than someone wearing ill-fitting swim trunks with the most stylish design. However, don’t stop with the fit. Look for swim trunks that bring out your style and personality. If you like neutral tones, go for it. Black, white, and gray shades can match with pretty much anything. But don’t feel limited—you can discover plenty of cool designs, from camouflage to tropical prints.

Afterward, pick out other stylish pieces to match your bottoms. Swim shirts can match your outfit and provide even more protection against harmful sun rays. Designer sunglasses, bucket hats, flip flops, and water shoes are stylish pieces you can play with. Stylish bags or backpacks can provide plenty of room for your personalized beach towels and other essentials. Your vacation shouldn’t be dampened because of an ill-fitting pair of swim trunks. Look for the best swim trunks for you that keep your style in check while having you feel your best.


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