How To Pack Snacks for Your Little One's First Day Back to School

How To Pack Snacks for Your Little One's First Day Back to School

Packing snacks for your little one’s first day of school goes way beyond nutrition! Parents and caregivers can make it fun, memorable and give their little ones a boost of confidence by sending snacks on the first day back to school. Use these tips and ideas to make the perfect first-day snack for all ages.

Make the Moment Extra-Special With Your Child’s Favorites

September means school uniforms, new backpacks, and yes, snacks! The first day of school can fill even the most confident, well-adjusted child with a bit of apprehension. Help your little one feel great by sending one of their favorite fun, delicious snacks. By sending an item you already know your child enjoys, you’ll be sending a special message about how much you love your child without saying a word. If your child is in preschool, kindergarten, or beyond, you can start this tradition that will last for years.

Familiar Snacks Bring Comfort

Besides considering one of your child’s favorites, you might also want to think about sending a snack they are used to having. This can give a real boost, especially for younger children who find themselves immersed in a world of new things on the first day of school. Having a familiar snack can be highly comforting and can help a little one make it through the day with confidence. Since your child might be a little nervous on the first day, a familiar snack can be just the thing to help them get through the day. By making sure you send familiar food, you’ll also ensure that your little one will eat the snack.

Secret Notes Bring Smiles

Sending your child a secret note along with the snack is also sure to bring smiles. This is great for all ages. Little kids will love having a secret message; even those who are too little to read can decipher a coded message with shapes and smiles that show “I love you.” For upper elementary kids who can read, make the note special with an inside joke, a favorite quote, or even song lyrics so they can smile when they see it. Even middle school kids will get a kick out of a secret message. Place it in a secret spot, like on the snack wrapper, and you may even get a chuckle or two.

Pack a Photo Surprise

Another idea that can be as fun as a message is to send a photo with the snack. A cute polaroid of your child’s pet taped to the snack bag, or a printed picture of the whole family over summer vacation will help your little one make it through the first day and feel great. A favorite memory could be just what they need to help combat those first-day jitters!

Dress Up the Snacks To Make Them Special

Your little one has the perfect back-to-school shirts and kids’ sneakers so why not dress up their snacks a bit? Even the most mundane snack can become something truly extraordinary with a little bit of creativity. Does your little one love grapes and pretzels? Put some of each in a bag, then tie the two together with a pipe cleaner to create an instant butterfly. Cut cheese in fun shapes to go with crackers or make creative combos of veggies kids love. Add googly eyes to snacks in plain sandwich bags or store-bought wrappers, or jazz it up with fun stickers of their favorite characters. Put them in a cute snack cup or create some zany drawings on the bag with Sharpies. You can make any snack special with a little extra touch to the exterior, so grab the glitter glue and make it sparkle.

Make Snack Time for the Whole Class

This idea will need advance permission from your child’s teacher, but if you can ask at orientation or chat with the teacher via email or text, you may be able to work it out. Sending in a snack for the whole class can be fun, and give your child something extra to smile about, especially if it’s one of their favorites. It can also be helpful to the teacher, as that way all students will have snacks. It’s not uncommon for a few kids to forget snacks on the first day, so everyone is sure to be happy with this method. It’s important to check with the teacher not only for the correct number of students to send the snacks for but also to ensure that the snack will be acceptable if any student has allergies.

First-Day Snacks for Energy and Fun

Going back to school is a time filled with lots of excitement. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter, and you can support your child by sending nutritious snacks that will really make their day. Celebrate back to school with snacks!

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