How Often Should You Buy New Bathing Suits

How Often Should You Buy New Bathing Suits

There is no such thing as too many bathing suits. If you love soaking in some sun during the summertime, you probably own quite a few bathing suits—one for the beach, one for poolside parties, and one for extra-special vacations. However, there are times when it is an absolute must to replace the swimsuits you own. Follow the tips below for knowing when to replace your bathing suits.

When You No Longer Like Your Suits’ Style

Swimsuit trends often change, though some styles remain relevant year after year. More importantly, however, your personal taste may change over time. You may no longer adore that same floral swimsuit you fell in love with a few years back. Therefore, you should buy new bathing suits as often as you please whenever you feel as if they are out of style or, more importantly, out of your style.

Determine what styles are currently trending or the features you love the most when purchasing new bathing suits. There are quite a few trending styles out there to give a go. Skirted swimwear, for example, lends a touch of elegance while offering more coverage at the thighs. Tankinis have been in style for some time, and you can mix and match them with your favorite swim bottoms. In terms of print, popular choices include floral, stripe, animal, polka dot, and paisley patterns. Or choose to rock a swimsuit with a solid color. You can never go wrong with a classic solid-black swimsuit!

When the Fabric Is Worn Out or Faded

When a swimsuit’s fabric is worn out, torn, faded, or features snags, you should definitely replace it. You want to look your best, so you should replace bathing suits that look old. It is a given that bathing suits will eventually experience wear and tear, especially if you spend plenty of time outdoors. From swimming, diving into pools, lounging on beach equipment, and soaking in the sun, there are plenty of culprits that can affect the look of your favorite suits.

When replacing worn-out bathing suits, look out for features that will extend their life. Polyester, for example, is highly durable and chlorine resistant, meaning suits made with polyester can withstand the harsh effects of exposure to water with chlorine. Alternatively, when shopping online or elsewhere, take note of the language that signifies a long shelf life, such as “resists breakdown from chlorine.” Another fabric type that offers a long-lasting lifespan is LYCRA® Xtra Life™ spandex. Swimwear made with this material can last up to 10 times longer than bathing suits made with regular spandex. Finally, follow the care tag instructions to ensure you properly take care of your bathing suits.

When No Longer Feel Comfortable

Comfort is key to an enjoyable time spent on the beach, at the resort, or poolside. Therefore, if you no longer feel comfortable in your favorite bathing suits, replace them ASAP. Suits that are too tight, too big, or unsupportive can lead to discomfort.

When purchasing new swimwear, seek out attributes that provide optimal comfort. Ensure you will get maximum support at the bust by looking for the proper support for you, such as underwire, underwire with built-in soft cups, and underwire with removable soft cups. If relevant, consider mastectomy swimwear, featuring a mastectomy bra with built-in soft cups for moderate support with a pocket on each side to accommodate your prosthesis. Swimsuits with removable or adjustable shoulder straps allow you to adjust to your comfort level. Finally, lightweight fabric or fabric with spandex will enable you to move more freely.

When You No Longer Feel Confident

You want to feel as good as you look. You may love the look of a swimsuit that may even offer a bit of comfort. However, if your swimsuits no longer allow you to feel your absolute best, it is time to replace them with swimsuits you know you’ll look good in, no matter where you’re heading.

Figure out which swimsuit styles allow you to best flatter your figure. Tummy control swimsuits consist of firming fabric that helps to smooth and shape figures. These bathing suits also help you show off your curves. They may feature ruching that helps with the slimming and give the swimsuits another stylish element.

For more coverage, modest swimsuits have the appearance of a dress but still allow you to show off just enough. Rash guards are ideal for sensitive skin or skin conditions affected by the sun and heat and allow you to swim and lounge in the sun with confidence, knowing that your skin will be protected from harmful UV rays.

Finally, you can elevate your vacation-ready appearance with the right beach cover-ups for a finishing touch. If you want head-to-toe coverage, consider a flowy kaftan or a maxi swim cover-up dress. Swingy wide-leg cover-ups let you cover only your bottom, and cardigan swim cover-ups offer a chic drape over your swimwear.

It’s a given to purchase fresh bathing suits when they are worn out. However, if you no longer feel comfortable or confident in them or don’t love their style, you should consider updating your vacation-ready wardrobe with new swimsuits. It’s never the wrong time to refresh your look.


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