How Often Should I Wash My Pajamas?

How Often Should I Wash My Pajamas?

For clothes that are used on a daily basis, pajamas don't see a lot of wear and tear. Most nightgowns, flannel pjs, and other clothes designed specifically for night time wear only travel as far as the closet to the bed and back again, and perhaps the kitchen or living room if you prefer to lounge in your comfiest clothes in the morning. When your pajamas see so little use, it seems like a waste to wash them after every wear, but going weeks without changing pajamas doesn't sound right either. PJs are a tricky thing; how often should you be washing them? Here are a few things to consider when you're thinking about throwing your favorite jammies in the wash.

What You're Washing Off

With little to no grime from the outside world to dirty up your nightwear, it makes sense that your pajamas don't need to be washed quite as often as your usual streetwear. That doesn't mean that your PJs don't see enough dirt to warrant a good clean every once in a while, though. Natural body oils, dead skin cells, sweat, and body care products such as lotion can build up in the fabric, which can lead to skin irritation and a not so pleasant smell after a while. If you tend not to sweat very much while you sleep or you shower as part of your winding-down routine, you can probably stretch the time between washes a bit longer. If hot and humid summer nights are the norm, or you like to use a variety of skin products before tucking in for the night, you will want to clean your cotton nightgowns more often to make sure that the moisture your nightwear is collecting isn't being put back on your body every time you get dressed for bed.

What Your Pajamas Are Made Of

The materials that make up your nightwear also can have an impact on how often they should be washed, as well as how they should be cleaned to keep the fabric nice as long as possible. If your pajamas are made out of wool, for example, you will be able to wear them a bit longer than usual because wool resists moisture better than other fabrics used in sleepwear. When it comes to cleaning your favorite jammies, make sure you read the tags before you start washing. Flannel pajamas will stay nice longer if you wash them inside out, while your silk PJs should be washed by hand when possible. A good tip to remember when throwing nightwear into the laundry is that you want to wash them on the highest temperature they can take without risking shrinkage or stretching. Heat is an easy and effective germ killer, but be careful not to damage your pajamas at the same time.

Your Personal Sleep Habits

Everyone sleeps in a different way, which means everyone's pajama washing routines will be different too. If you prefer to wear your underwear to bed, or you wear pajamas without anything underneath, you will want to wash your nightwear after every use since the fabric will be closest to the skin this way. If you keep underwear on under your pajama pants, you're probably good for a night or two. In addition to what you wear, you will want to take a look at your sleep environment to determine how often to wash your pajamas, and shaping your environment for a better night's sleep might make your pjs last longer. Experts recommend that people sleep in a cool place for the best quality rest possible, which might also reduce the amount of sweat your pjs are absorbing every night.

So, How Often Should I Wash My Pajamas?

If you don't sweat much while you sleep and wear underwear underneath, you can probably wait three to four nights Otherwise, you'll want to wash your pajamas after every use, just like you would your day-to-day outfits. When it comes to other nighttime layers, such as women's robes, you can probably go a week or three between washes. If your gut is telling you it's time for a wash, though, don't be afraid to toss your pjs in the hamper early. No one wants to sleep in clothes that make them feel icky; if your pajamas help you feel your best at bedtime, you'll sleep better too!


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