How To Make the Best Snowmen

How To Make the Best Snowmen

Making a snowman is a way to have fun and make memories when temperatures drop, and snowflakes start falling. You can set the scene for fun by making sure everyone is bundled up in warm garments that repel water, such as warm winter coats for the whole family. Then, when you head outdoors, these tips for making a great snowman may come in handy. You may even have so much fun building a snowman that you decide to add a snow fort or snow dogs to sit beside your snowman.

Pick a Perfect Spot to Build Your Snowman

Building snowmen can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work, so you ideally want your snowman to look great as long as possible. Choosing the right spot to build your creation can make it last longer. Before you begin, put on your snow boots and take a look around your yard for a flat spot that’s in the shade. Building a snowman on a flat part of the yard makes it less likely to fall over. Plus, the sun's warmth is a snowman’s worst enemy, so keeping “Frosty” in the shade can help prevent an untimely meltdown.

Make Snowmen on Days When the Snow Packs Nicely

Sometimes when it gets too far below freezing, the snow gets powdery and won’t pack nicely. Powdery snow may be great for some things, like skiing, but building a snowman isn’t one of those things. When it’s not as cold, but it’s still necessary for guys to wear their men's winter coats the snow tends to be more damp, and it packs better. However, if the snow is dry and powdery because it’s extremely cold, you can use a spray bottle or hose to mist a bit of water into the snow to make it easier to pack.

Choose How You Want to Move the Snow

Snow is heavy, and you have a couple of options for how to move it when making snowmen. Your options are rolling the snowballs to build the body and head or using a shovel to move mounds of snow and then sculpting the snow into snowballs. Rolling giant snowballs can be hard work and may be altogether too heavy for bundled up, mittened children. Rolling giant snowballs for your creations can also leave sticks, dirt, and leaves sticking out of your snowman’s body. Using a shovel or scoop to make mounds and then chipping away excess snow to form round shapes can be an easier way to build snow people.

Flatten Each Ball or Layer Before Adding the Next

Make a flat surface on top of each layer of your snowman before putting the next snowball on top of it. Kids can especially enjoy this step, and may even want to toss a few snowballs around the yard with the excess snow that gets scooped away. Making this flat surface to build on can help keep your snowman from falling apart. With your children dressed in warm kids winter coats, you gain the assurance that your loved ones are comfortable and protected from the elements. That means you can enjoy spending the time it takes to add extra touches to your snowman to make it look better and last longer.

Decorate Your Snowman

After you’ve lifted the snowman’s head into place, you can have some more fun decorating it. You can get creative using things from the yard or house to decorate its face. Examples are rocks for eyes and sticks for arms. Or, refrigerated foods or baked goods that are a touch past their prime, like carrots or dried-out muffins can also make good snowman faces that pull double duty by feeding hungry birds. Consider adding a stocking cap, top hat, and a scarf to your snowman’s look. Accessories can give a snowman a carefree, playful appearance. Additionally, you can dress your snowman as much or as little as you like by adding a vest or old jacket or some old boots to create the appearance of it having feet.

Make it an Adventure

Make the entire experience into a fun adventure for everyone by making up stories and letting each family member add some creative ideas to making the snowman. There are many ways to make a snowman, and many ways to decorate one, so while you’re outside staying warm in one of our women's winter vests or a plush winter coat, allow creativity and fun to reign.

When you’re done playing in the snow, be sure to memorialize the day by taking some fun selfies with your snowman. You can pick your favorite photos to showcase in frames or save them in your scrapbook. Then, head indoors to warm up with a mug of hot cocoa or a cup of steaming hot herbal tea.

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