How To Wash and Care for Cashmere Sweater

How long do cashmere sweaters last?

Cashmere sweaters never go out of style. A wardrobe staple, they stay beautiful for many years when given a little TLC. And don’t worry about a Lands’ End sweater looking dated after a season or two, as our timeless approach to fashion gives everything we make incredible staying power.

How to clean your cashmere 

Carefully washing women’s cashmere sweaters on your machine’s delicate cycle keeps them in wonderful condition. Skip harsh detergents and use something formulated for wool or even baby shampoo if you’re hand washing. Afterward, reshape your sweater and let it air dry while laying flat. Do not put your cashmere on a hanger. Hanger drying can cause the sweater to lose its shape and distort it.

How to store your cashmere

If you wear your cashmere sweater frequently, put it in a cool, dry drawer for easy access. Always use specially made hangers if you want to keep them in your closet. As mentioned above, always make sure it’s fully dry before putting it on a hanger. Don’t ever use thin wire or plastic hangers even for storage as it may distort the shape of the sweater. Also, make sure you don’t hang your sweater next to anything that might snag it.

Pieces you wear only occasionally should be kept in a garment bag that’s opened every three months to release excess moisture. Mothballs are great for keeping your best cashmere sweaters safe from pests. Cedar balls are also a reliable choice, and smell amazing, too.

Sometimes dry cleaning is the answer

If your sweater has beading or other delicate details, take it to a dry cleaner. Trusting a professional with your cashmere top is also wise if it’s stained or very loosely woven, making it more susceptible to damage. Moths are also repelled by the scent of dry cleaning chemicals, which is an added bonus.

Don’t over-wash your women’s cashmere cardigan if you want it to last for years. As long as you didn’t perspire heavily or spill something on your top, you can usually wear it several times before it needs cleaning. Often, simply letting your sweater air out or treating it with freshening spray also works.

So, how long does cashmere actually last with proper care?

This question varies from person to person and sweater to sweater. If you take care of your sweater, though, it should last for many years. Cashmere also gets better with age. It softens as it gets older and gets worn more. So, though your sweater may be a few years old, it might be cozier later on in its life.


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