How Layers Bring an Outfit Together

How Layers Bring an Outfit Together

Look stylish and stretch your wardrobe options further by layering. Although you can layer apparel pieces in every season, the fall/winter season is prime time for this fashion strategy. Keep reading for some of our favorite ways to layer:

Best Fabrics for Layering

When it comes to layering, some fabrics are better than others. Cotton is always a good choice when putting together a layered outfit because it’s soft, light, and breathable. Plus, it comes in different weaves, each of which gives the fabric a different finish. Cotton poplin features horizontal ribbing that imparts a lustrous look to the fabric and is often used for women’s pajamas, shirts, and dresses. There’s also cotton jersey, which is ultra-smooth and drapes well. Jersey knits are often used for skirts and dresses, but you’ll also find t-shirts made with cotton jersey.

When shopping for cotton apparel to layer, consider Supima cotton. In addition to Supima cotton bed sheets, there’s plenty of clothing made from this premium material. Supima cotton represents only about 3% of cotton grown in the USA, and it has a long-staple fiber that provides twice the durability of regular cotton. Supima cotton apparel is colorfast for lasting vibrancy, and it holds its shape even after repeated wear and washings.

Cashmere is another great fabric to layer. Whether you choose a cashmere cardigan, pullover, or hoodie, there are multiple ways to pair it. Wear a cashmere cardigan over a Supima cotton tee for a look that’s casual yet polished, or slip a blazer over a cashmere turtleneck for a fall and winter outfit that’s all business. If you’re going for a look that’s upscale yet relaxed, any of the women’s jean jackets at Lands’ End can be layered over a cashmere sweater.

Color Combinations for Layering

Layering your apparel is a great way to stay comfortable. It also makes creating an on-trend outfit easy because you have more pieces to work with. When putting together outfits, don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations. There are many ways to combine your favorite hues and shades, whether your style is understated or bold.

The monochromatic look is a trend that shows no sign of losing popularity, and for a good reason. This look is sleek and universally flattering, plus it couldn’t be easier to pull off. Go classic with head-to-toe black, or create a striking cold-weather look in winter white. An ombre look is a variation on this color combo — you could wear a light green top with dark green pants, for example.

Neutral colors can also be layered, whether you prefer the eye-catching look of black and white or prefer a subtle color palette of gray, tan, and ivory. The great thing about wearing neutrals is that they go with virtually everything — there’s no wrong way to combine them.

When mixing and matching colors, tone is another consideration. You can keep your apparel pieces in the warm-toned family — think brown corduroy leggings with a rust orange tunic — or you can go for cool tones like grays and blues. Mixing warm and cool colors is another option; wear gray slacks with a red blouse for a fashionable outfit that is also appropriate for the office.

Ideas for Layering Tops

Summer tops can be worn in cooler months when you wear them under other pieces. Women’s tank tops are a year-round staple you can wear under unbuttoned flannel shirts and cardigans. You could also layer a boatneck sweater over a tank so that the tank straps show.

Speaking of flannel shirts, they’re a fall and winter item that you can’t have too many of. As mentioned, you can go for ’90s-inspired flair with an unbuttoned flannel over a tank, or you can create a country-inspired look with a partially buttoned flannel over a turtleneck. Flannel shirts also go well under pullover sweaters, whether you prefer a crew neck or V-neck style.

Women’s winter vests are another essential when it comes to layering. For extra warmth and fashion-forward style in the winter, layer a women’s vest over a thermal top. Vests also look stylish over flannel shirts and other button-front styles, or you can wear them over tunics and turtlenecks. In addition to trendy puffer vests, there are women’s fleece vests in a rainbow of colors.

Outerwear Layering Ideas

Coats and jackets are also great for layering. On days when you’re not sure how cold it’s going to be, you can wear a light fleece or denim jacket and carry a packable down coat in your bag. Any kind of jacket or coat can be layered over a top-and-vest combo for plenty of warmth. To add to your look and stay even warmer, add accessories to your fall or winter outerwear look. Women’s winter scarves come in many styles; wear a classic plaid scarf with a black, navy, or camel coat and matching gloves for a fashionable cold-weather look.

There are many ways to layer apparel pieces year-round. Combine new and old apparel to create outfits for every occasion, and don’t forget to have fun with creating new combinations!


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