How Layering Can Take You from Daywear to Eveningwear

How Layering Can Take You from Daywear to Eveningwear

Finding an outfit that effortlessly transitions from day to night is essential for any busy woman’s closet. Some days are busier than others, and having a look that can be dressed up or down can save you the trip home in the middle of the day and help you look your best regardless of the occasion. Instead of carrying a whole new outfit with you when your evening plans are more formal than your day plans, some simple layering can do wonders. It can instantly upgrade your look and add an element of class to whatever you’re wearing without sacrificing comfort. From a smart blazer to a gorgeous wrap or scarf, here are some of our favorite ways that layering can take your look from daywear to eveningwear.

Blazers Do It Best

There is just something about a blazer that effortlessly adds a layer of professionalism, elegance, and even dignity to an otherwise casual outfit. Throwing a blazer on over a casual dress automatically turns it into a classier ensemble, ready for whatever work or social event you’re planning for in the evening. In fact, fancier restaurants sometimes keep blazers reserved for men who may arrive underdressed. Wouldn’t it be great if that was the case at every upscale event? But if you carry a simple, comfortable blazer with you on the go, you’ll always be prepared to look sharp and sleek. The stiff shoulders and refined cut of a blazer make it a flattering pick for any size, too. A short blazer is fun to wear with jeans or a women's skirt, or any outfit where you want to show off a bit more of your look underneath. A longer blazer is another great choice, especially if you want your lower half to be a bit more covered.

It’s a Wrap

For a quick layering look that adds a bit of formality to an outfit, a wrap or a shawl is a must. Draping yourself in an elegant silk or lace wrap is such a simple way to layer on some elegance, and it keeps you warm when the temperature drops in the evening, too. Whether you’re already wearing something event-appropriate, like a dress, skirt, romper, or dress pants, or you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt, a wrap adds some easy sophistication and envelopes you in a silky layer of fabric that is sure to draw attention.

Throw on a Vest

Perhaps not the first thing you might think of when attempting to layer your way from day to night, a vest is a unique choice for anyone looking to class up their look. We especially love a silky one reminiscent of a men’s suit vest. With a women's dress or tunic underneath, or even a t-shirt, a vest like this adds a whole new angle to your casual look, making it perfect for an evening event. We love the way that many vests tie in the back, giving an intriguing elegance to your outfit from front to back. Button it up or leave it undone. Either way, it lends a romantic touch to your ensemble that makes it a perfect choice when it comes to layering.

Buckle Up With a Belt

A simple but remarkably effective layering technique is the belt. Adding a belt on top of a loose women's blouse or flowy dress gives an outfit a more defined shape, turning it into something a bit more formal for the evening. Even adding a belt to a pair of pants has the effect of refining our outfit somewhat, so it’s always good to have a solid one on hand. A good leather belt is ideal for this kind of wardrobe upgrade, looking good with just about anything. Good leather ages like a fine wine, so the more worn in it is, the better, we think.

Try Sporting a Scarf

Another layering technique so simple you might not think of it at first, a scarf adds the same kind of refinement as a belt, but with an option for more color and often more personality. We love wrapping a rolled-up scarf around our waist to add a quick burst of originality to an outfit. Silk scarves especially are known for their bright, playful patterns and can work wonders when tied around a shirt or a dress. We also like wrapping a scarf around the neck or the hair, which we think adds some major flair to a casual look, making it ready for a night out.

These are some ways to layer your way into an evening look, from the more classic to the more unusual. Layer these items on top of any casual outfit to instantly turn things up, giving you an overall more polished, put-together look to go from day to night.


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