How Lands’ End is Celebrating Pride Month

June is designated Pride Month! At Lands’ End, we invite everybody to come together to celebrate. Grab a Lands’ End striped tote, shirt and shorts, friends. We’re going to wear rainbows even on cloudy days. In the spirit of unity, love, and support, join us! Here’s how you can get involved.

Why is Pride Important to Lands’ End?

Pride is important to us because we are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive culture for our employees and our customers. We believe our personal and professional strengths come from the combination of our unique experiences, backgrounds, and talents. After all, it is what makes us unique that ultimately brings us together, making Lands’ End a great place to shop and work. Our Diversity and Inclusion Council, a Business Resource Group specifically for LGBTQ+ employees and allies, ongoing employee training, and Pride-based speaker series are all helping us work toward building a more diverse and inclusive culture.

Does Lands’ End Have a Pride Collection?

This year, for the first time ever, we can proudly say yes. Yes, we do have a fabulous Rainbow Capsule Pride Collection. Included in the line-up is something for everybody. Each member of the family is sure to love it. T-shirts, tank tops, and tote bags. Shorts, shoes, even button-down shirts. We’ve given them all their very own piece of the rainbow. Dress head-to-toe in rainbow stripes, or work in a few subtle hints to your current wardrobe. These classic pieces invite you to wear colorful stripes however you want, even on cloudy days.

What’s at the Heart of Pride Month for Lands’ End?

We’ll kick off our first Pride campaign by featuring individuals who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. Our message will be clear. Family is everything. The one you’re born into and the family created along the way. Those who support us, with love built on trust and acceptance. Everybody’s welcome here.

What are Lands’ End’s Pride-based Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives?

Lands’ End has brought together professionals across the company who are devoted to the promotion of an inclusive environment. The members of this group serve as resources for our community of LGBTQ+ employees and allies. The overall goal is to raise awareness of issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community as we help promote acceptance and understanding. The group also supports the recruitment and retention of LGBTQ+ talent. We’re seeing this work has additional benefits, like opening up a dialog to better engage with customers.

Where Will Lands’ End Be Celebrating Pride?

LGBTQ+ influencers will be making special appearances on all of our social media outlets: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter. The Lands’ End Comfort Fund will make a donation to the LGBTQ+ focused nonprofit organization, The Point Foundation, in the form of a two-year scholarship for an LGBTQ+ student. We’ll also donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of our Pride Collection to The Point Foundation as well. Walk into any Lands’ End retail store and you will see Pride products featured in various displays. We’ll be participating in a Pride parade, hosting an LGBTQ+ quest speaker series for our employees, and giving away plenty of Pride swag.

What Dates will Lands’ End Recognize in Celebration of Pride Month?

We recognize Pride all year long, but a few dates will stand out for us this June when we’ll take a collective pause and reflect upon what was lost and what has been gained, where we’ve been, and where we’re headed. On June 12 our Lands’ End family will honor the Pulse Night of Remembrance and on June 27 we’ll commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. It is our hope that creating an environment of support and understanding will help us all grow.


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