How Hats Transform the Look of Your Coat

How hats transform the look of your coat

Hats quickly transform any outfit to fit your mood, style, or activity. Adding a hat to your look can take you from drab to fab, put a smile on your face, and create an outfit that you’ll love. From a chic yet classic fedora to snug beanies, you can create virtually any look in a jiffy. Use hats for comfort and fashion with this style guide for coats and hats.

Added flair

Bring your winter look to life with a hat that has some flair. Think a pom-pom and tassels on a beanie, or a hunter’s hat with ear flaps, to bring a warm, wintery and festive vibe. You can even wear a beret for a fashion-forward, urban look, or add a dash of whimsy with a spunky hat that brightens up any outerwear.

Keep your look mysterious

Wear your favorite, warmest winter coats with a hat that brings a little mystery and intrigue. Fedoras with a feather or a big, floppy sun hat allow you to hide part of your face and it adds some mystique to your look. These hats go nicely with a cinch-waist coat for an urban feel or a relaxed, neutral-colored women’s wool coat for a more casual, country vibe.

Keep your look festive

Spice up a basic women’s winter parka with bold, flirty colors that bring some cheer to the winter drear. Wear a slouchy beanie with bright colors to offset neutrals. Fun prints and bright, chunky designs pop against the grays and whites of the winter season. Don’t be afraid to go big and try something new with asymmetrical prints, slouchy berets, or bold beanies. Consider getting a hat that’s more of a fashion statement than a piece of warmth. Think flapper girl with small headpieces that add an air of festivity for the winter season. Perfect for cold-weather parties and holiday gatherings alike, this look brings a sultry, festive appeal to the party. Make it work with knee-high black boots and a winter coat with a cinched waist for a classically chic style that is ready for a night on the town.


Cowboy hats are all the rage this season. With big brims that make a statement, keep it classic with tans, browns, and blacks coupled with women’s winter vests in bold blues, reds, or greens to offset the look. You’ll be itchin’ to two-step in the bright winter sun with this classic western fashion staple. But keep your western attire subtle. Wear a basic plaid shirt underneath your vest with a staple pair of straight-leg jeans for a classically casual style that keeps you warm, too.

Bring on the brims

Who says floppy sun hats are just for summer? Keep your sun hat in your winter wardrobe for a casual, flirty outfit that’s perfect for snowy weather. Change out the sashed ribbon to a wintry color for a seasonal look. Floppy hats block the sun, but keep you en vogue year-round.

Cozy vibes

For the practical woman, hats should provide ample warmth. Go for a cozy, oh-so-comfy look with classic hats and coats that put a snugly smile on your face. Find chunky, wooly knits for a simple effect that screams snuggle season. For added warmth, look for fleece-lined hats and coats that provide ample protection against the frosty air. Slouchy beanies can accommodate tied-back hair without awkward bulges, while a fitted beanie feels warm. Whatever style of hat you choose, make sure it’s comfortable and doesn’t get too itchy over time. Find beanies and hats with gloves to match for the ultimate warm combination that will have you forgetting it’s the winter season. Or, use complementary colors such as cool grays and dark blues for wintery hues that offer up versatility and can go with virtually everything. Either way, make sure your hats, coats, and gloves stay versatile in order to provide a warm wardrobe staple.

Sporty look

Who said that you can’t sport an old classic during the winter? I’m talking about the humble baseball cap. Baseball caps are typically used in the summer to keep the sun out of our eyes. However, the sun protection works just as well in the winter! While the baseball cap might not provide the warmth that a beanie will, it’ll still keep your head warmer than it would be without a hat. Baseball caps will give your coat a more casual vibe, but they’ll still look great!

Go for a unique hat

What’s fun about hats is there are so many different styles to choose from. There are a number of hats that you can get with a more unique feel. So, if you’re not into a more traditional hat, take a look at these. First of all, the 90s called, and bucket hats are back in! So, grab a fun bucket hat such as an upcycled denim one for an edgy but in-style look.

If you want to be a little more traditional, but still unique, consider looking at kids' hats. Yes, you heard me right–kids' hats can be really fun if you have a small enough head to fit into one. There are many in bright colors and there are many more fun patterns offered in kids’ hats. There are even beanies out there shaped like strawberries and cupcakes! If you truly want something unique, there’s plenty to choose from–you just might have to look outside the women’s department. A unique hat will definitely make you stand out, wherever you go!

Spread the news

Have you heard of a newsboy hat? You may have only seen them in musicals, or maybe your grandpa wore one. They’re a flat cap with a small bill in the front. It mainly comes in neutral colors like gray, black, and brown. When added to your winter look, these hats will give a fun vintage vibe! Hats are a quick-and-easy way to take any outfit to the next level. Use hats to express your personal style while staying warm this holiday season. From fancy berets to the casual slouchy beanie, there’s a hat (and look) for any type of comfort-driven fashionista.


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