How Flannel Keeps You Warm All Winter

How Flannel Keeps You Warm All Winter

Is there anything warmer and cozier than flannel? When we think of chilly nights, it’s the first thing that comes to mind. And with good reason. With flannel clothing, pajamas, and sheets, it can keep you warm all winter long. Let’s learn a little more about flannel.

What is Flannel?

Other than the coziest fabric on the planet, what exactly is flannel? It’s a soft, medium-weight cotton fabric that is fuzzy, or napped, on both the front and the back. The fuzzy finish comes from either its characteristic loosely spun weave or from brushing the fabric as part of the manufacturing process. Interestingly enough, flannel originated in Wales in the 17th century and was once made of wool. Some flannel is made from cotton and silk.

The softest, coziest flannel (like the kind you’ll find at Lands’ End) is made from 100% cotton. This makes it wonderfully breathable. You’ll stay warm but won’t have to worry about perspiration.

Flannel Shirts

There are reasons that flannel shirts have been a favorite for as long as both flannel and shirts have existed. If you are looking for a casual option that will keep you warm, breathe with you, and keep you looking great, you just can’t go wrong with a flannel shirt. They are the perfect companion to a pair of jeans, can be worn alone or on top of a T-shirt.


We know a lot about this in the Midwest, so Lands’ End has you covered regardless of your layering needs. The warmth and breathability of flannel make flannel clothing the perfect choice for layering. Whether you are putting a flannel shirt over your thermals and underneath your down coat or just want to have it on over your T-shirt, so you have the option of warming up or cooling down as the weather dictates, flannel is an excellent choice.

And don’t overlook “hybrid” flannel garments, either. Flannel shirt jackets and jacket coats are all the rage. They have the advantage of being just right for all those fall, winter, and early spring activities when the weather can change quickly. You can stay comfy year-round with flannel.

Flannel Pajamas

Talk about cozy! Put on your favorite flannel pajamas, brew a cup of tea, grab a good book, or turn on a good movie, and you have the perfect winter evening. If you’re more of a nightshirt or nightgown kind of gal, go for the softness of flannel. Top off your flannel nightwear with a flannel robe for even more warmth.

Whether it’s for those cherished quiet moments all by yourself or a bustling holiday breakfast with the whole family, we’ve got you covered with flannel pajamas. From the littlest ones to the adults, keep them warm and cozy this winter with flannel pajamas. They’re perfect for putting on the kids or grandkids after a bath for a cozy reading opportunity before bed. And both you and your guy will love cuddling down in flannel in front of a fireplace or late-night movie while the little ones slumber.

Flannel Sheets

If you need to buy one thing for your home this winter, it’s flannel sheets. Flannel sheets are like taking cozy cotton to a whole new level. They’ll keep you warm (but not too warm!) while cradling you in softness. For a great winter bedroom look, start with a flannel sheet set so you can enjoy a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases all next to you. Then add a flannel duvet to finish the look. Christmas flannel sheet sets are a nice addition around the holidays for either a guest bed or your own (you deserve pretty sheets, too!).

Flannel Makes Great Gifts

Let’s face it. Everyone loves flannel. It just looks and feels so good! Maybe those new flannel pajamas haven’t made their way into your house for everyone this year yet. If not, keep in mind that they make perfect Christmas gifts. Whether you get everyone their own color or design or opt for the fun of matching family Christmas pajamas, treat them to the softness and warmth of flannel pajamas. Some families like to give one gift on Christmas Eve for everyone to open and have the tradition that everyone gets new pajamas as that gift. It’s a fun idea that can also make for great Christmas morning photos, whether the kids while the kids are tearing into wrapping paper and the adults are sipping well-deserved coffee. Matching pajamas can even be used for Christmas card photos or Christmas day social media posts if everyone in the family is comfortable being that casual.

Whether you choose flannel for cozy nightwear, sheets, or matching family pajamas, enjoy a warm and wonderful winter with flannel.

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