How Do You Keep Warm Camping in Autumn?

How Do You Keep Warm Camping in Autumn?

The chill crisp air of fall contrasts with the warm, humid hug of summer. If you’ve only been summer camping, you’re probably used to getting away with t-shirts, shorts, and light sweatshirts. Now that these hot days are behind us, the fall requires some season-specific planning to keep you warm and happy. Making a camping trip a fun time can have a lot to do with your comfort level, starting with keeping you at a comfy temperature. We’ve got some essential items that will keep you looking good while staying warm at the campsite this autumn.

Bring Plenty of Layers to Stay Warm

Our first pick has to be a solid vest. Great for layering on top or underneath, the vest is vital because it keeps your core warm, which is where you get the warmth for the rest of the body. Our packable, water-resistant women’s down vest is super light (but super warm) and uses ethically-sourced down. It’s packable, so it won’t take up any space in your travel bags. Another vest that will be awesome on this fall’s camping trips would be a fleece vest. It works great under a jacket to keep the body warm without adding bulk but is also suited over a sweater or sweatshirt.

Besides the core, another important part of the body to keep warm is the head. You’ll find some warm, fashionable options in our women's winter hats section. Stay stylish and keep your noggin’ cozy in our ultra-lightweight quilted winter bucket hat. It’s available in blackberry, black, or deep sea navy space dye and features microfleece lining and channel quilting. For easy care, it is also machine washable.

The back of the neck is an area that is important to protect from draft and cold weather to avoid getting sick. Our ??women's winter scarves will keep your neck warm and keep you cozy while adventuring in the woods this fall.

Cozy Up In Our Warmest Jacket

A waterproof down jacket is the next item on our must-have list for fall camping. This might seem like overkill, but hear us out. Being cold while you’re camping is honestly the worst. And even if it’s not super chilly during the day, temperatures can get very cool at night. We promise you will not be cold in this jacket, with our warmest temperature rating of -3° to +25° Fahrenheit. This waterproof, seam-sealed shell, like the down vest, is made with responsibly sourced down and has a removable, adjustable sherpa-lined hood and two side vents with snap adjustments. The hood also has faux fur, so you will look super cute sitting by the campfire.

Have a Good Ole Fashioned Campfire

Another way to keep warm while camping this fall is by being prepared with fire-starter supplies and an abundance of firewood. Check first with local officials about whether campfires are permitted; forests are especially susceptible to wildfires in autumn, so it’s vital that you follow local regulations to keep the forest around you safe. Once you have the green light, you can get started on that campfire to keep you warm during this camping trip.

The fire will be great to keep you warm but also to cook. Campfire corn roasted over a bed of coals tastes amazing. One way to prepare the corn is by pulling the husks down the ear (to be used as a handle) and wrapping the seasoned ear in tin foil. Another easy way to cook corn over with a campfire is to soak the ears in water for one hour before cooking and then place the un-husked ears directly on the bed of coals. Bring long tongs so you can safely rotate the ears and remove them from the fire when done. Your roasted corn will be a delightful, warm treat.

While s’mores are a delicious staple that can be made over a campfire, a surprisingly easy other fun snack is nachos! In case you’re craving some Mexican food while you’re out in the woods, make nachos as you would at home, but on a large sheet of tin foil. Layer tortilla chips, cheese, veggies, meat, and whatever else you like on your nachos. Simply curl the edges of the tin foil around your nachos and place them on hot coals. Be sure to bring a pair of oven mitts so that you can safely remove the nachos when they are done. Voila—campfire nachos!

Bring a kettle so that you can heat water either on the portable stove or the fire. Hot drinks are a great way to stay warm while camping and provide a delicious treat. Hot cocoa, coffee, tea, or even plain heated water are great options to get warmth to your insides. Another classic way to stay warm while camping is to keep moving! Staying active while camping with hiking will get blood flow and warmth to the extremities.

Cooler temperatures don’t have to get you down this autumn. Keep warm with these tips on your next camping trip. We hope you have a blast!


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