How Do I Layer Necklaces?

How Do I Layer Necklaces?

If you’re curious about incorporating a layered necklace look to your style, but you have no idea how to create one and are looking for a bit of inspiration, keep reading. Necklace layering serves as an intentional fashionable act sprinkled with an endless opportunity for visual storytelling. The type of layering you incorporate into your wardrobe can convey a different story. For example, detailed strands of multi-colored beads varying in size could convey “eclectic minimalist.”

In contrast, a variety of intricate, hammered symbolic charms strung along uneven chains could say “adventurist, treasure-seeking nomad.” With so many styles, colors, lengths, and materials to choose from, you can create your unique style story on your terms. Here are our must-try tips on how to layer necklaces.

Mix Up the Length of Your Necklaces

Every great story begins with a setting because it defines the where and when of a story. The introduction of your varied necklace lengths sets the stage for what is to become of your jewelry creation. If you want to create your version of a waterfall effect, select a combination of different length necklaces that stands out and build up the desired look. Start at the top with a chain necklace that places just above the color bone like a petite choker. To create the depth that you're seeking, your next piece should be 2-3 inches than the one prior, and when possible, stick to an odd number. This season is the perfect time for layering, and not just jewelry. Go ahead and pair a warm and fun knit sweater or cozy cardigan to accentuate your mixed-length necklaces. Are you looking to dress up your basic V-neck top? Add layered chains to your look and a pair of your favorite skinny jeans and enjoy the day ahead.

Layer by Thickness

This is where the drama happens. Don’t be afraid to go big, bold, or both. If you want to create a look that radiates a “show me to the world” style, try stacking up an assortment of chain necklaces varying in thickness. Do you have a favorite button-down in your wardrobe and want to animate the look? Try a neat paperclip chain necklace and pair it with a two-tone choker and a toggle chain necklace for a vibrant touch. If a button-down isn’t quite your style, try a casual T-shirt dress or a chic, fitted black tank to set the tone. With these pairings, you’re ready for wherever the day takes you.

Opt for Pre-Layered Necklaces

We understand that while everyone can appreciate a layered necklace look, not everyone has the patience or time to create one on their own. If you’re in this category, fear not. You can always opt for a pre-layered necklace that matches your style. It’s a shortcut for sure, but it doesn’t take away from its uniqueness.

Embrace the Beauty in Simplicity

You don’t have to be loud to make a huge impression. There is a saying that the smallest things are the most complex. It’s especially true with minimalistic layered necklaces. We love the dainty vibe of simple yet unique jewelry. These classic adornments can be dressed up or down and create a far-from-ordinary style, while bolder necklaces are restricted to certain outfits and colors. Minimalist necklaces are the perfect addition to any outfit and occasion. Try incorporating simple silver or gold designs with a sprinkle of stone accents. Feel free to incorporate personalization to your necklace that could include your initials or birthstone for added meaning and uniqueness to your look.

Style A Bold Necklace For a Pop of Color

Here’s where your story gets interesting. The great thing about creating a layered necklace look is that you are free to go all out. Try adding one-, or two-colored necklaces to make your layered look pop. Colored gemstones offer a distinctive look and are a great way to add color. Take a leap and consider using colorful gemstones. Like the beauty and admiration of flowers, gemstones are appreciated for their vibrant colors and come in various pigments under the rainbow. These beauties last forever, and the options are limitless.

Combine Contrasting Metals

Stand out and let the drama unfold with contrasting metals. Pairing various materials when layering similar metals or leather cord adds a fun vibe to your look. These contrasting, creative elements not only give your necklace set a diverse and stylish look but also prevent your necklaces from creating unruly tangling. That’s a win-win for sure! Try stacking three unexpected necklaces in varying metal materials together for one unique yet easy look!

Combine Different Necklace Styles

Charms, pendants, and lockets, oh my! These jewelry elements are a great way of establishing your style and putting it on display. Find different necklaces in varying styles that truly speak your language and take your outfit from cute to epic within minutes. If you’re going to go all out with the layering, try highlighting your look with a low V-neck sweater that screams cozy and comfortable. Discover pieces that mirror your vibe, and don’t shy away from wearing multiple charms that speak to your personality. By choosing to adorn a selection of gemstones, chains, or pendants, you will masterfully create an artful design and transform simple outfits into lavish ensembles. Do you have an old necklace collecting dust in your closet? Fish it out of your drawer and add it to your current necklace pieces. Whether your jewelry style reads like a coming-of-age love story or a cover-to-cover drama, be sure you love the finished look.


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