How Do I Find the Right Size Swimsuit for Me?

How Do I Find the Right Size Swimsuit for Me?

Nothing rivals the awkwardness of a swimsuit that doesn't fit right. If yours is too big, it might shift around and move when you're active, or even let something pop out accidentally. The straps will probably slide down your shoulders and it might look saggy in the rear, too. Finding the right size swimsuit isn't always easy but putting in the work is worth it in the end.  Lands’ End Swim has the perfect swimwear options for you along with some tips:

Take Your Swimwear Measurements

Avoid ending up with another suit that doesn't fit right by taking your measurements. While standing in your underwear, take a cloth tape measure, wrap it around the fullest part of your bust and write down the number. Next, encircle your natural waist - which is a couple inches above your belly button and a little below your last rib - with the tape. Finally, pull it around the widest part of your hips, which should be roughly eight inches beneath your waist.

When you have your measurements, you can compare them to sizing charts online to see what size you wear in different brands. Alternately, you can take the tape measure to the store and use it to measure suits on the rack and get an idea of what will fit you best.

Always Try on Swimsuits

Never buy a swimsuit without trying it on first. Grabbing something off the rack without trying it on increases your chances of ending up with something that doesn't fit, even if you think it matches up with your measurements. Schedule time to visit a store with a large selection of swimwear, helpful staff, and comfortable dressing rooms - don't rush yourself.

Wear your smallest pair of underpants (a thong is great if you have one) for trying on swimsuits. Big panties will get bunched up and might stick out at the sides, making it hard to see how you really look. Also, take off your socks when trying on swimwear. Sure, it might be chilly, but socks and swimsuits don't go together, and it can distort your impression of how a suit looks.

If you like, skip the mall and order some swimsuits to try on at home. Just make sure to shop somewhere with a simple, no-hassle returns policy like Lands' End. We let you send back anything you don't want to keep for a full refund, so you don't have to worry about losing money on something you're not crazy about.

Think About How You Really Want the Suit to Fit

The great thing about swimsuits is that they come in all different sizes and fits. From bra cups to torso lengths, there's room to choose. Some women may want more of a

"cheeky" look on the bottom. Others may want more room to move up top and something less form-fitting. If you'd like more skin to show while wearing a tankini, try a short torso top. Or, try a long line bikini top. If you'd like to show off your bum a bit more, look for bottoms with a higher cut. This style sits on your hips and doesn't squeeze too much while showing just enough of your behind. Keep in mind you'll still want to be comfortable, so be sure to find a suit that fits properly while achieving the look you're after.

Get Swim Separates

If you're having trouble with swimsuit sizes, separates might be the answer to your prayers. Instead of getting something that's too small in one place and too big in another, you can order tops and bottoms in the sizes you need. Separates are perfect for anyone who's bigger on one half of their body, so if you have a large bust and a small bum, or a curvy rear and a tiny chest, give them a try. Or if you simply like the idea of two pieces instead of one. Whatever you feel most comfortable in!


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