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How Can I Find the Right Backpack for Sports?

Why is a sports bag or backpacks so important? Behind every “sports kid” is a devoted (and exhausted) parent who’s had to make unexpected drives home for forgotten uniforms, replacement equipment or essential power snacks – often at the worst possible times. Make life a little easier on yourself and your kids this season with a dedicated sports bag packed with everything they’ll need for their athletic endeavors. Read on for our suggestions on how to find the right backpack for your athlete and help them bring their ‘A’ game this season.

1. Water bottle pocket

It may not be an official item on the sport equipment list but every athlete needs a full water bottle at the ready to keep them hydrated and alert. Of course not every game allows for long, leisurely water breaks, which is why you’ll want a backpack with an accessible exterior elastic mesh side pocket for the quickest of water breaks mid scrimmage. Not only does it allow for fast water bottle access when you’re on the go, but having the mesh pocket on the exterior ensures that any spills are contained outside the bag and away from your clean, dry clothes on the inside compartment.

2. Space for shoes and/or smelly uniforms

Nothing is stronger than the pride you feel when you watch your mini Michael Jordan score the winning basket at the buzzer. Except for maybe the pungent odor of sweat and team spirit emitting from his uniform in the backseat. Keep those less-than-pleasant odors at bay post game by gifting your future NBA Allstar a sports bag with a zip-around bottom compartment designed specifically with dirty cleats, sweaty uniforms and wet swimsuits in mind. We promise it’ll make the car ride home more enjoyable (we can’t say the same for laundry day).

3. Easy access from the sidelines

Letting your kiddo pack their own sports bag is a great lesson in organization and necessity. Make their task a little easier with a backpack equipped to carry all of the essentials they’ll need at school and on the field without sacrificing a thing. Our Lands’ End backpacks have that classic one main compartment design you love with an easy-access bucket top and interior slip pocket for important folders. Both are perfect for keeping school books and homework safe from the chaos of the field. Let them keep their sports balls, mouth guards and water bottles within easy reach with the help of our stretchy mesh front and side pockets and those uniforms at the ready in our wipeable, bottom compartment. Throw a healthy snack into the soft accessory pocket at the top of the bag and they’ll be prime for winning on the field and off all season long.

4. Make it identifiable

Don’t risk taking home the wrong backpack after an extra-inning game. Do what you can to make your junior athlete’s bag stick out from the rest of the team by letting your star player’s personality shine through. A personalized backpack with her initials or a special embroidery will highlight her love of the game. With a variety of texts, emojis and fun embroidery symbols to choose from at, we’re certain you’ll have no problem finding a winning combo for your favorite team player.

5. Make it something he/she can use after sports

Letting kids try new things is part of the fun of growing up. As a parent, however, it can get quite frustrating when they try a sport or activity for one season and have no desire to return to it the next. Don’t waste your time or money on buying a specialized sports bag for every interest. Instead shop for one all-purpose bag your ambitious adventurer can use for almost anything. Our Lands’ End backpacks are made from durable, 600-denier polyester with reinforced cloth bottoms and securely stitched adjustable shoulder straps designed specifically with their active lifestyles in mind. In other words, these backpacks are made to last. So once they’re done doing sports it can double as a bookbag. Or a camp bag. Or an “off-to-college-how-did-that-happen-so-fast” travel bag. Whatever their interests – no matter how fleeting – Lands’ End has their back. Talk about winning.

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