How Customizing These 5 Items Can Make Your Life Easier

How Customizing These 5 Items Can Make Your Life Easier

If you tackle most of your holiday shopping through the monogram shop, then you likely already know the benefits of giving customized gifts. Monogramming a gift, from a needlepoint stocking to a welcome mat, can instantly make any item feel more special and thoughtful than it would plain.

And while monogrammed attire or household décor certainly make some of the best gifts, customizing your items can also be extremely practical. Read on for some ways that customizing your items — or your family’s everyday essentials — can make your life easier.

Your Winter Gloves

In summer and spring, we can simply throw on a dress and sneakers and head out. But in the colder months, we often have much more to keep track of when we leave the house. From our comfy warm jackets to all of our must-have cold-weather winter accessories — that means we spend a lot more time adjusting when we get to the office or sit down at a restaurant for dinner.

That’s why it can be so beneficial to monogram your favorite winter gloves. Gloves can be hard to keep track of when you’re busy doing other things, but they can make for a super uncomfortable journey home when you realize you’re one glove short. By adding your initials or another distinctive monogram to your winter gloves, a colleague or that friend you went to dinner with will instantly recognize it in the pile of other winter layers and accessories if you accidentally leave without one.

Your Winter Scarf

Sticking with the winter accessories trend here, customizing your winter scarf can also make it easier to keep track of. Many of us wear similar-looking scarves in the colder months, so it can be hard to locate yours when you get ready to layer up to head home after a holiday party or a long day at work.

Having your initials monogrammed on your winter scarf will make it stand out from the crowd (or, in this case, from a pile of similar scarves it ended up in) and make it extra stylish. Season after season, many of us end up replacing our easy-to-lose winter accessories, which can become an unnecessary expense. Adding a customized touch is a practical way to keep track of these seasonal essentials.

Your Beach Towels

Switching gears from those winter vibes to something much sunnier, next up on our list is personalized beach towels. If you’re all about those summer beach days with family or friends, or if you have a pool or beachside vacation coming up, customizing your beach towels can help you stay organized.

When traveling with a group, whether for a beachy getaway or a day at the shore, having your initials on your beach towel can help you keep track of it. It also helps to keep your beach towels separate from the other towels in your house, so you don’t have to waste time tracking down your go-to beach towel when you’re ready to just lay on the beach or by the pool.

Your Beach Bags or Totes

Now that you’ve got those sunshine daydream beach days on your mind — let’s talk about beach bags. Customizing your beach bag or tote is super helpful for a family or friend getaway when everyone is tossing their items into a shared living room after a day at the beach.

A monogram with your initials on it is a super nifty and stylish way to keep track of your bag during a group trip and is especially helpful if you’re jet-setting to a tropical vacation and using your zippered beach bag as a carry-on. Anything that can help you quickly recognize your bag or keep track of it during a travel day will make your trip easier, and a customized monogram is one of the most stylish ways to make your bag stand out.

Your Backpack or Your Kids’ Backpack

If you use your backpack for work, the gym, or as a carry-on bag when you travel, then adding customization is a simple hack for keeping track of it when you’re out and about. Our backpacks are essential for bringing our essentials out into the world with us, which is very much the case for our kiddos.

Adding a custom monogram to your kids' backpacks can help them stay organized when they’re packing up to head home after a long day of learning and playtime. Kids tend to lose track of things at school, which makes sense as so many classrooms have one coat and backpack closet where kids keep their items throughout the day. Plus, having a personalized touch on their backpack can make your kid feel excited about using it, which can serve as some major bonus points when they’re a bit reluctant about getting ready for school in the mornings.

Beyond adding a distinct touch and stylish flair to your go-to attire, accessories, or home goods, customization also has some seriously practical perks. That’s why opting for monogrammed items isn’t just a great way to knock out your holiday shopping — it can also be a great way to support yourself year-round.


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