Finding Modest Coverage Swimwear for Women

Finding Modest Coverage Swimwear for Women

Have you ever been swimming laps, building sandcastles with your kids, helping your toddler learn how to swim, etc.–and then you had a swimsuit malfunction? It’s uncomfortable, to say the least…because of this, a modest swimsuit might be the best way to go–in these instances. We’re not talking full bloomers, every inch covered, mind you. But a swimsuit with a secure neckline and fasteners that stay that way shouldn’t be too much to ask for, right? Not to mention bending over without fearing you’re about to have your own big reveal. 

Yes, finding stylish swimsuits with modest coverage in a world full of itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikinis can sometimes feel a bit like hunting for a needle in a haystack. 

First advice: check out and let the soothing sounds of words like tugless, tankini, high-neck, halter, and swim skirts wash over you. You’re in good hands, friends. Here are a few of our favorite modest full coverage swimwear looks.

Modest Coverage Swimsuits with Style

When we envision ourselves poolside, we all aspire to look a bit more Aphrodite and a whole lot less Ursula. But how? For starters, you need to search for a suit that offers added tummy control to help slim and smooth your middle. No matter if you need a lot or just a little, tummy control swimwear ups your confidence instantly (that’s a given). However, if your swimwear has tummy control, it also stays put considerably better. Now that’s an added bonus you probably hadn’t thought of. 

The second thing to consider is what favorite features do you want to accent? A high-neck, halter-style tankini top is great to show off your shoulders. It also looks amazing on a smaller or fuller chest. The extra sun protection is a real bonus. You can't go wrong with full coverage one-piece swimwear! For women who want to cover the tops of their thighs, go for a sweet swim skirt or swim shorts. Either bottom choice can be paired back with a bikini top or tankini swimsuit top of your choice. Mix solids and patterns to bring emphasis to the top or bottom, as desired. 

Modest Coverage with Beyond-the-Beach Potential

There will undoubtedly be times when your swimsuit needs to take you somewhere other than the water. As you shop for a suit, ask yourself a few questions. What do you wear while driving to the beach? If a morning at the lake leads to a pit stop for lunch before returning home, will you be prepared? Many questions, one simple answer: you need a great swimsuit coverup. Clearly, shopping for a coverup that provides modest coverage requires a bit of forethought. Your ideal coverup should have a slip-on-and-go design. The way your coverup is designed will be what saves you a trip to the dressing room (if you are fortunate enough to have one at your local swimming hole). Look for a cover-up made from swimsuit material for extra UPF 50 sun protection. These sleek designs are also great for wearing over a wet suit as the water marks are less apt to show and the fabric dries super fast.

Mix and Match Your Way to Modest Coverage

When you are not finding what you need, what’s a girl to do? Create your own. It is possible to build your own custom swimwear right off the rack. Simply gravitate toward swim separates as you shop. Mix-and-match swimwear grants you endless options. Pick a color scheme you know you’ll love to work within. Then find the solids and patterns that pair best together. Layer in the benefits you need and the coverage you want. 

Mix-and-match modest swimwear lets you shop by size to give you a customized fit, which is perfect if your top is a different size than your bottom. Just two tops and two bottoms give you four different beach looks, too. In addition, rash guards can be a great option to put over a smaller swimsuit top when you want more coverage. Rash guards provide great coverage and as an added bonus, sun protection!

Go ahead, have some fun! Test the waters with different modest coverage swimsuit options and see where the waves take you.


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