How can I make this her favorite backpack ever?

Shopping for the perfect school backpack can be tough. It needs to be strong enough to survive the school year, the perfect size for a growing girl, and well-designed so she can stay organized. Of course, it helps if she likes the way it looks, too. Lands’ End backpacks are extra tough, made with kids in mind, and come in all the colors, patterns and styles she likes.

Involve her in the search.

Don’t just grab any old backpack from the store when she’s out playing with friends. Instead, get her involved in the search. She’ll appreciate being included, and it will make it much easier to find something that fits her well, too.

  • Have her try on the ones she likes. A girls backpack that fits properly should start right around her shoulder blades and end at her waist. Adjust the straps if needed and have her move around to see how it feels.
  • Make sure the backpack has some basic comfort features, like well-padded shoulder straps. A small strap that buckles across her chest balances weight, and some styles even have wheels for easy transport.

Talk about what she’ll be carrying.

Do you know what she’ll be carrying to school every day? Ask her! Sure, there are some givens – lunch, books and maybe a girl’s sweater – but she might have to bring things you’d never think of, so take a moment to talk about it.

  • If she carries a lot of small items, look for a backpack with pouches and pockets for storing things like art supplies, eyeglasses and a calculator. When everything has a place, it’s easier to be prepared for a busy day.
  • Consider a second bag, like a canvas tote that fits inside of her backpack for sweaty clothes if she plays sports. Having a special place to stash a muddy soccer jersey or pair of shorts will help keep her backpack fresh and clean for longer.

Show her how to use the features.

Even the best backpack in the world won’t do much good if she doesn’t know how to make the most of it! Go over all the features with her and teach her how to use them before heading to school.

  • Make sure she knows how to use all the bells and whistles, like a backpack with a water bottle holder, a loop on top for hanging it up, and a mini-zipper compartment inside of it. Some packs even come with side straps to hold things like lacrosse and tennis rackets.
  • If she’s carrying something with reflective accents that keep her visible to cars, like the sturdy ClassMate backpack, remind her not to cover them up, as they need to be exposed to do their job.

Select a color or pattern that speaks to her.

Amazing features, durability and comfort are very important when it comes to picking out the right backpack. But kids want something that looks cool, too! Look for colors and patterns that she likes, and you can be sure she’ll carry her bag with a smile.

  • Encourage her to coordinate her bag and her girl’s winter coat. If she wears something in a solid color, a backpack with a wild pattern can provide a nice contrast. For a patterned jacket, have her try a simpler-looking one in her favorite shade.
  • Light-colored backpacks can get dirty quickly, so spare yourself some hassle and make sure hers is machine washable.

Add a monogram.

Make her feel extra special by giving her backpack a personal touch that lets her stand out from the crowd.

  • A simple monogram of her initials is a classic touch. And it makes it much easier to find her bag in a sea of lookalikes!
  • For the budding trendsetter, have her backpack decorated with her favorite emoji, whether it’s a cute smiley face or a slice of pizza.

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