The Hottest Clothing Colors for Summer

Brighten up your wardrobe for the sunniest time of year. From classic white to soothing aqua, there are so many great colors to wear this summer. We’ve put together a list of the hottest colors to heat up your style. Mix and match them with neutrals or pair them with other bright hues. The possibilities are endless with these fun, vibrant shades.


White is the unofficial color of summer. This clean, versatile hue looks and feels fresh. It also styles well and really shows off a tan. Since the color goes with everything, it’s easy to mix and match white pieces with whatever’s in your wardrobe. You can also wear white from head to toe for a polished, glamorous look. For warm weather, go for white clothing made from breathable fabrics, like cotton and linen.

A white cotton dress is a timeless, classic piece you can wear season after season. Pop one on with a pair of sandals and a hat for a cute and casual summer look. A white T-shirt is another great staple for summer wardrobes. Wear it with jeans or shorts and white sneakers for a cool, comfy outfit.


Reminiscent of sandy beaches, beige is another great color for your summer palette. Much like white, this neutral hue is versatile and easy to wear. It’s the perfect base color to create polished, monochromatic looks. It looks fantastic worn with whites and khakis, for example. Beige also pops with other ocean colors. You can rock it with blues, greens, and corals.

Wear a beige tank top with white linen pants for an effortlessly chic summer look. This outfit will look cute with strappy sandals or espadrilles and a few pieces of jewelry. Beige women’s shorts can be paired with a white T-shirt or button-up. Style this breezy summer look with loafers or sneakers and your favorite sunglasses and bag.


Just like the sun, yellow is a warm and cheerful color that can brighten up any day. You can use it to create mellow looks by pairing it with whites, creams, and khakis. For something bolder, wear yellow with blues, reds, greens, or pinks. These colors really make yellow pop, so with the right combinations, you can create some standout looks.

A solid yellow dress will look fantastic against your glowing summer skin. Wear it with strappy sandals or white sneakers and a straw hat for a cute and cheerful look. Yellow also looks great with denim and neutrals like black and white. Pair a yellow top with a black and white patterned midi skirt, for example, or pinstripe culottes.


Orange is a vibrant color that comes in a wide range of shades, from soft pastel to sharp neon. For a citrus-inspired palette, mix orange with greens and yellows. It’ll also look great with sunset colors, like pinks, reds, violets, and blues. Orange also looks fantastic with white. To really make it pop, mix it with purple.

Create a stylish, go-to summer outfit with an orange top and white capri pants. A pair of nude flats or strappy sandals will easily finish off the look. An orange top with navy pants is another classic choice. An orange skirt will look polished with a white tank and a button-up denim shirt. Make it more playful by pairing it with a hot pink cropped top or blouse.


Named for and evoking the sea, aqua is a calm and serene color that also makes waves. This bright color looks great with neutrals. Try mixing it with white, pale gold, wheat, and cream. You can also pair it with darker shades of blue, like teal and navy. To create outfits with a color-blocking effect, wear aqua with other bright colors, like red or orange.

For a playful look, introduce aqua into your outfit in the form of a long, flowy women’s skirt. The movement of the material as you walk is a nice nod to the motion of ocean waves. Pair it with a white tank top and metallic sandals for a standout summer look. Mixing aqua with other shades of blue? Add yellow accessories for a pop of contrasting color.


Some might say that lilac is the new pink. This gorgeous, versatile color is widely available in a range of tones, from cool to warm. It can be styled to look super feminine or edgy and cool. Create a punk or rock-inspired outfit by mixing lilac with black and white patterns, for example. For a softer, sweeter look, wear it with pastels, like baby blue, pale yellow, or mint green. Lilac also looks fresh with neutrals, like white, grey, or cream.

A lilac women’s blouse makes a great outfit with denim shorts or blue jeans. Add a white belt and sandals to complete this simple yet stylish summer look. Wearing a gorgeous lilac dress? Pair it with navy blue heels or nude espadrilles. To make a lilac skirt pop, mix it with a bright orange top.

These hot colors will look fantastic no matter how you wear them. Go all out with bright, solid pieces, or introduce your favorite shades with shoes and accessories. Lands’ End has a fantastic selection of high-quality vacation clothing in a range of vibrant colors. Find the right shade for your skin tone and enjoy creating fresh, bold looks for the summer.


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