Hosting Tips for Outdoor Gatherings in 2023

Hosting Tips for Outdoor Gatherings in 2023

Getting together with friends and family is a big part of enriching your life. Few things bring more joy than getting together with your favorite people. If you trend towards hosting, you might already be a pro at having folks over to your house, but if you're looking for some insider tips and tricks to make your 2023 gatherings a smash, you've come to the right place.

A considerable part of what presents unique challenges when hosting is the weather. A gathering in summer will require different preparation than one in fall and visa versa.

All Year Ideas

Some things are helpful to include in your party prep, no matter the time of year. Hosting and attending parties can require a lot of energy and produce stress—that's why you want to prepare as much as you can ahead of time for your mental health. For guests, making things available that they might need is essential and fundamental to hosting.

A self-service bar for drinks is a great way to make guests feel at home and that they can get refreshments as necessary. Be sure to keep alcoholic drinks out of reach of children, however.

Speaking of children, it's vital to have a plan and activities for them if they're attending. We recommend providing a kids' table with games, art supplies, children's toys, or other activities to keep them busy.

For fidgety guests, we love offering games for the group to play together. This can ease social anxiety and get folks talking amongst each other, which is super helpful if the guests are from different aspects of your life and don't necessarily know each other.

Warmer Weather

When warm weather graces you with its presence, and you're ready to host, there are many possibilities for making the event special.

For example, when having an event in your backyard, if you have a deck, cover it with a colorful rug to add some festivity to the party. With outdoor seating, you can make it a very comfortable gathering, with lots of pillows on the furniture so folks can be at ease and relaxed.

A huge consideration when hosting during summer will be providing adequate shade. It can get uncomfortable in the heat without a place to seek refuge, so we recommend setting up a shade sail or tarp. Provide sunscreen for those who would like access to it, as well.

Another huge part of a summer party will be keeping guests safe from bugs. Citronella tikki lights aren't just cute, they also do a lot to keep bugs away from your guests. Keep bug spray and after-bite available if the candles aren't strong enough.

When the weather is nice and you're inviting folks over, consider a pup-friendly event where guests can bring their fur babies for fun. Of course, ensuring the dogs coming will get along with the other dogs in attendance is essential, so make sure you know your friend's dogs' dynamics first. Matching dog bandanas is a cute party favor that will make everyone happy. Provide other pet accessories like water bowls and treats.

Cooler Weather

Hosting during the chillier months has its own set of unique challenges. First, how will you keep your guests comfortable and warm? We've got a few ideas that might do the trick.

Keep Things Cozy

Keep guests cozy with plenty of throw blankets and fleece blankets. If it's freezing, consider providing winter gloves, winter hats, kids hats , and hand and foot warmers, which will keep everyone toasty. Keep spare warming items in seagrass baskets, where they will be easily accessible. It's excellent for guests to get things themselves so they don't feel they must bother you to get comfortable.

Build a Fire

A great way to keep your guests warm is to build a fire so everyone can warm their hands and roast marshmallows. Ensure you have enough firewood to get you through the evening, and pay special attention to pets and children for safety. It doesn't hurt to have a fire extinguisher close by in case of an emergency.

Another way to warm your guests is by providing warm drinks. Hot chocolate for the kids and hot toddy's for the adults will keep everyone warm and happy! Keep warm water available by keeping a slow cooker running with water so guests always have hot tea.

Whether hosting a graduation party in May or an Oktoberfest in the fall, hosting can be a fun, enriching activity that brings you and your friends and family closer. When faced with the challenges of hosting a gathering, don't panic, as plenty of troubleshooting resources are at your fingertips. You've got this! Your gathering is going to be a smash.


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