How to Host a Virtual Mother's Day Celebration

How to Host a Virtual Mother's Day Celebration

Hosting a fabulous Mother’s Day celebration virtually can be done with a few tips! Explore ways to safely celebrate the holiday and make mom feel special with these ideas.

Send Invites Early

Even a virtual celebration requires people taking some time out of their day, so send out the invitations for the virtual celebration in advance. Include relevant details, such as the video platform, what type of celebration, and if there is a theme. That way guests know if they should show up in comfy women’s loungewear or special occasion dresses. Take note of any special things planned for the guest of honor, like asking participants to share a special memory, bring a favorite Mother’s Day quote, or share a favorite photo. Having all the details in place in advance, and making sure the guests are aware of those details, will help make the day run more smoothly.

Choose Background Music and Cute Scenery

If you’re going to be hosting a virtual event, you can still set the mood in some simple ways. Put together a playlist of Mother’s Day music. Consider the woman of honor’s tastes. Does she prefer classical music or modern pop? Upbeat tunes or slow instrumentals? If she likes a few genres, you can assemble an eclectic playlist, and even ask for other guests’ input. If the event will honor and celebrate multiple women, having a variety of music options will help encompass everyone’s tastes.

Sweet background scenery can also make the event feel more fun and festive. Try a few vases of fresh flowers or some posters with sweet Mother’s Day sayings. You can make it as simple or creative as you like. A plain fabric panel with a few favorite photos can add a sentimental touch, or some decorative elements that go along with your rustic, beach, or cheese and wine theme will go a long way in creating the atmosphere.

Consider a Special Event or Theme

If you want to make your virtual Mother’s Day celebration really meaningful, you can go all out and plan it around a special event. Think about the types of things mom would like to do. Maybe a virtual flower arranging or cooking class would make her day. A virtual art class, complete with virtual wine tasting, might be right up her alley. Does she love puzzles or movies? Have everyone work on puzzles together throughout the event and share their success, or schedule a group movie party with her favorite flick. You may also want to consider companies that plan the event for you if you want to take it up to the next level, such as a virtual murder mystery event.

Get Everyone Involved With Virtual Games

Thanks to all the fabulous (and often free) online tools available today, it’s not difficult to plan some great Mother’s Day games that can get everyone involved, even if the event is done virtually. Some tried-and-true options include bingo, a scavenger hunt, a version of online Scattegories, virtual Pictionary, or online group trivia games. With a little creativity and some online tools, the options are limitless!

Have Her Gifts Delivered in Advance

In some cases, the celebration theme and activities may work perfectly with items you give mom, so plan on sending Mother’s Day gifts in advance. If the event is a spa theme, make your own spa basket complete with a luxe bathrobe, pretty monogrammed towels, soft microfiber bed sheets, and some bath and body gifts in a cute seagrass basket. You can send guests small spa items in advance, such as mini manicure or facial kits, to use at the party.

If the theme involves cooking, Mom may love a cute new apron or kitchenware items. For a gardening theme, you can send gardening gifts and order themed party favors such as garden gloves or personalized seed packets. Whether it’s a virtual tea party or a BYOB lunch, there are lots of kitchen-themed goodies she is sure to love.

Tour Her Favorite Places

Consider centering the celebration around favorite places that she’s traveled, or places that she would love to see. Find live online cameras or video tours of places that will melt her heart, and have guests sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery with her.

Share Love and Memories

Keep it special by bonding over shared memories. Guests can contribute to a virtual memory jar, where they reminisce together. If people don’t all have a history with the guest of honor, they can share a cheerful thought or wish for the future. These unique, one-of-a-kind moments are sure to put a smile on her face.

Make Mother’s Day Memorable

Even when you can’t be together in person, your time with your mom on Mother’s Day can be as memorable as ever. Use these ideas as inspiration to come up with a Mother’s Day celebration that has just the right unique personal touches to make her feel loved. Some advance planning and a little creativity are all it takes to have the perfect virtual Mother’s Day event this year!


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