Gifts for the holiday hostess

What Gifts to Bring the Hostess for the Holidays

It's that time of year again: you've been invited to parties of all sorts and you have to bring a gift for the hostess. As if she doesn't already have enough stuff. And when has she ever given YOU anything, you ask? Good question! The last time she came over she actually borrowed your throw pillows for some family gathering and never even returned them!

But here you are, stuck for ideas about what to give her – so we're here to help! We've got four ideas that are sure to please her AND your budget!

Idea 1: Needlepoint Christmas Stockings

Maybe it isn't Christmas right now, but it sure seems to come around every year. Why not give her a gift she'll use annually and will make her think of you fondly each time she hangs it on her mantel? A needlepoint Christmas stocking is not only attractive, we're pretty sure no one else will give her one. Plus, you can have her name monogrammed on it free!

Idea 2: Monogrammed Beach Towel

Remember how she went on and on about her last trip to the tropics, needlessly pointing out that the farthest you ever seem to travel is to the grocery store and back? We bet she didn't have a monogrammed beach towel to stretch out on as the cabana boy brought her a refreshing beverage. Well, now she will! And best of all, you have YOUR name monogrammed on it, so she'll always think of you! Now that's thoughtful!

Idea 3: Monogrammed Bath Towels

Everyone needs new towels, but no one ever seems to want to splurge on a new set. Want to be her hero? Give her a set of monogrammed bath towels. White is a safe choice for any décor. And once again, we're pretty sure no one else will be bringing her towels!

Idea 4: Duvet Cover

This idea is pure genius! While others show up with thoughtful gifts of wine or her favorite artisanal chocolates, you bought a duvet cover! Let them try to top that! Besides, you never cared for the one she had in her guest room the night you slept over because your furnace went out and the repair person couldn't come until the day. So here's your chance to upgrade her guest room before your next visit!

In sum: think outside the box! Ordinary hostess gifts just won't do for you!


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